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10 Best Flash Drives in Nigeria and their Prices


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Flash drives can be used to save personal information that is very vital. A lot of people walk around with their Flash Drives, while others prefer to leave it at home for safety reason. This small piece of a device has gradually become part of our daily lives, as we can’t go a day without using it.

You can get Flash Drives literally at every street corner but most of them are crap. Buying a fake Flash Drive would cost you a loss to some of your important data. You need a Flash Drive that you can trust and can lasts for years. These are the 10 best Flash Drives and their prices.

Best Flash Drives in Nigeria and their Prices

1. EAGET FU5 USB Flash Drive Fingerprint Reader Memory Stick 64GB

This is definitely one of the best Flash Drive out there, it boasts of a fingerprint scanner as well. How many Flash Drives have you seen with a fingerprint scanner? The fingerprint sensor is perfect to protect your data and unlocks in 0.5s. The AES265 encryption function, will protect your data from unnecessary intrusion.

2. TECLAST Magic Mini High Speed 32GB/64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This Flash Drive comes in a metal sleek white design. It’s very compact and light and can be taken to anywhere. It has both 32GB and 64GB storage space, the 32GB reaches up to 15MB/s. While the 64GB reaches up to 40MB/s, the total reading speed is up to 90MB/s.

3. Netac U903 32G USB 3.0 High-Speed Flash Disk

Netac Flash Drives are powerful and this black beauty defines that. It’s fashionable as well, coming in a sleek curved design. It boasts of a built in safety software and performs high speed transmission. The Netac Flash is waterproof, dustproof and anti-static, packing a read up speed of up to 60MB/sec.

4. Generic Tramx 64GB Flash Drive With Capacitive Stylus

This 2 in 1 Flash Drive is worth talking about, its soft stylus pen head works. It has a sensitivity input and at the same time protects the screen you use it on. It works perfectly well with iPhones and other capacitive touchscreen phones. Fashionable as well as stylish, no one will know that’s a Flash Drive.

5. Generic 64GB Cute Apple Shape Flash Drive

This one of the cutest and powerful Flash Drive you could ever get. In a beautiful pendant format, that offers convenient storage and portability. Another cute thing is when you remove the flash drive it looks like iPhone’s Apple logo.

6. Netac U618 USB 2.0 Flash Drive Keypad

Another Netac Flash Drive here, this white beauty sports a stunning Keypad lock. Its Independent keypad lock comes with a AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Boasting of a transmission speed of 40MB/s and a read speed up to 24.25MB/s. Netac U618 comes with a Rechargeable lithium battery for offline encryption.

7. Teclast NSP 128GB 2 In 1 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The Teclast NSP comes with a 8 Pin port and USB 3.0 for fast and secure connection. Nevertheless, it is compatible with USB 2.0 memory flash drive, while packing 128GB storage.

8. MagicJack Plus 64GB

The MagicJack Plus comes with WiFi feature as well, and can be used as a mobile hotspot. It’s very compact and portable, and can used anytime and anywhere.

9. Sandisk 128GB IXpand OTG Flash Drive

This Sandisk Flash Drive offers true value for money, packing 128GB storage space. It also boasts of an encryption software to protect your files and data.

10. DM PD019 32GB USB 3.0 Metal Micro

Built to perfection and stylish as well, the metal design on this Flash Drive has a durable texture. Experience data transfer with up to 140 MB/s reading speed.


These are the 10 Best Flash Drives in Nigeriayou can trust and they are all available on Jumia. Get one of these and sleep peacefully at night with rest of mind. Keep all your personal information, files and favourite apps in a safe place with one of these Flash Drives.

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