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10 Creative Ways To Help You Drink More Water


Drinking water can get really boring especially knowing water has no taste. 

Not the tastiest drink on the plant, water is by far the healthiest, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Water comes with tremendous health benefits, including that it helps regulate body temperature, flush out toxins, hydrates the body and improves skincare, to mention a few. 

The daily recommended intake of water by the NHS is between six to eight cups, and drinking that much water could seem like a chore. So how do you make drinking water a lot more interesting? The easiest way is to find creative ways to make it a lot tastier while maintaining its health benefits. 

Here are ten creative ways that help you drink more water every day:

A pretty fun twist to add to your drinking water experience is to make tea sometimes. Tea adds more flavour to a cup of water without adding any extra calories; what’s even better? There are tons of flavours to try out. 

Have fun experimenting with different tea bags, not just using flavour but also with colour. If you decide you like tea, then you can brew up large amounts and refrigerate for drinking throughout the day.

Adding a natural flavour makes drinking eight cups of water daily sound more interesting than it actually is. Add some fruit, vegetables to your water to improve the taste. Fruits like apples, lemons, cucumber and tomatoes are great natural flavours that you could add to your water. 


For a different twist, considering throwing in some herbs, there are a lot to choose from anyway.

Need some spice in your ? Spice up your water for a little kick. 

Small tip; simmer a cinnamon stick in roughly a cup (or eight fluid ounces) of water. Once infused, mix with a pitcher of cold water and VOILA! A nice cup of water with a blast of cinnamon flavouring in it. 

Spices like cinnamon don’t only taste good in water; they also add more health benefits to the water.

Can’t make your flavoured water alternatives? Nothing says you can’t buy them.

You should find water brands flavoured with all-natural unsweetened fruit, vegetable, and herb flavourings at your local supermarket. As a tip, be sure to check that there are no added sweeteners or preservatives in your drink.

Another creative way to add fun to drinking water, switch out still water for carbonated water. You should find one with natural flavourings and no added sweeteners.

Source: The Guardian

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