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10 Interesting Facts About The Bulgarian Rose

some scientific facts about the "liquid gold" of Bulgaria


Damask rose “Damascena” is a wonderful symbol of the Bulgarian lands, which gives them a reason for pride and joy. This beautiful flower, known for its divine scent, chose Bulgaria as its coziest home from the rest of the world.

The magic of the Bulgarian rose, gifted by nature, makes it famous all over the world. Traditions have been preserved over the centuries, laying the foundation for the first time in the Valley of the Roses.

1. The very first roses of this variety began to be grown in Persia. It is believed that the soldiers of Alexander the Great brought them to the lands of the future Bulgaria during their campaigns;

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2. Pure rose oil has a bright yellow color with a greenish tint;

3. Pure Bulgarian rose oil contains more than 300 valuable substances that have a unique regenerating, rejuvenating and healing effect on the human body;

Bulgarian Rose
Bascket filled with Bulgarian pink roses

4. To obtain 1 kg of rose oil, about 3500 kg of rose flowers are required;

5. The cost of one kilogram of Bulgarian rose oil can go up to 10,000 euros.

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6. Bulgarian rose oil is used in the aerospace industry as a lubricant component for space equipment due to its resistance to any changes in temperature;

7. Collecting roses begins by hand at dawn, when the flowers have the highest oil content, and ends by noon, before the dew has evaporated from the flowers;

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8. In Kazanlak there is the Rose Institute and the only Rose Museum in the world, which presents the history of the production of oilseed roses and roses in the Bulgarian lands;

9. Rose oil is traditionally measured using a special unit of weight called “muscal”, which is 4.9844 grams;

10. Natural rose water is obtained by steam distillation of damask oily rose flowers.


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