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10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You


Alas! As much as we wanted, we could read minds.

Guessing whether he is in love with you or not is one of the most frustrating things. Curiosity is tricky to deal with. It’s frustrating when you can’t figure out what’s going on in your head, especially when you might like someone. So, you start looking for signs that the man is emotionally attached to you.

Men know how to hide feelings, and it is not easy to understand whether he is secretly in love with you or not. They are always reserved in their feelings and do not want others to see how they treat someone. You just can’t walk up to a guy and ask him how he is feeling. It’s not easy, but what if they say they don’t like you? This can be embarrassing.

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So it’s always better to catch the signs, right? So how do you know if a boy is in love with you? Is he secretly looking at you? Does he seem too polite and kind to you around you? Does he like talking to you?

Well, we are here to free you from this chaos as in this article we have summarized the signs that he is secretly in love with you. With these signs, you can observe and find out if the guy is secretly whipping, or if this is just your guess.

It’s not always easy to tell if a guy is in love with you, but hides it. There are many signs that you can use to understand.

How to know if a guy is secretly in love with you

Before we reveal the secret on how to find out if a guy is in love with you, you need to buckle up! It won’t happen overnight, girl. This will take patience and time as you will have to judge the general behavior of the guy around you.

It is not impossible to understand if he is secretly in love with you, but it will surely take a while. Thus, don’t try to speed up the process or get discouraged. They wouldn’t flaunt the signs so easily.

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You
10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

Without further delay, let’s look at the signs that he is secretly in love with you and see if they make you smile broadly or not.

  1. He smile

Men don’t smile so easily. Either you have to throw a really great joke, or be special enough for your presence to spark their lives and make them smile around you. However, this requires close monitoring. A simple smile and a sincere, sincere smile are different things, and you need to judge this precisely.

If he is in love with you, he will smile at your name, even if you are not around. Your name will automatically lip-sync when he thinks of you. A blissful smile is a clear sign that he is in love with you, wants to delve deeper into your personality, and wants to hear more about you.

Even when you are with him, his smile will be magical and unique. He may not blush much, but his face will glow around you. These are sure fire signals that the guy is in love with you and is also looking for a sign from you.

  1. He wants to chat with you

Gone are the days when girls and boys could not be friends for a long time. We now have a wonderful friendship of the opposite sex that is worth appreciating. However, if a guy is in love with you, he will suggest that you spend time with you.

Men don’t invite girls at random. This is a big sign that he wants to spend more time with you and that he may like you too. They might ask you for coffee, or maybe throw a movie night with just you and him.

  1. Accidental touch

If a guy is in love with you or loves you, he may accidentally touch you. It may seem random, but it will be done on purpose, because he cannot control himself around you for a long time. He tries his best to be close to you.

The guy who is trying to innocently touch you while he is with you is trying to be affectionate towards you. He’s just picking up the courage to come closer to you and maybe kiss you for the first time one day and take you by surprise.

  1. He compliments you

A man who compliments you often is a man who adores you. Small compliments that would seem insignificant will be thrown at you from time to time to make you feel special. They won’t matter much until you pay attention and discover how he tries to compliment you for the slightest of your actions.

He will compliment your dress, your hair, or how good your perfume is. Any guy who isn’t interested in you wouldn’t compliment you too much. And you can easily tell a friendly compliment from an affectionate compliment. All it takes is a little time and observation.

  1. He delves into your smallest details

Your friend won’t notice that you’ve tried something new if you apply kajal in your eyes for the first time. But he will if he is in love with you! He will notice the smallest details. He will notice that you are smiling differently or that your hair is not wearing makeup as usual.

A guy who notices the smallest details of your details and speaks them out is undoubtedly secretly in love with you. They will never go unnoticed. And this is very easy to observe, because you will process it faster, as no one notices these things in you except him.

It is also one way to learn about unspoken mutual attraction.

  1. Interesting, long conversations

Conversations that never die and seem deep and intriguing are always better, aren’t they? If you are interested in a man, he will not only start a conversation with you, but also make sure that they do not disappear quickly.

He wants to know more about you and wants the conversation to continue so he can spend more time with you. This is a sign that he is in love with you, otherwise the guys will not talk for a long time with a girl that they are not interested in.

  1. He looks at you a lot

Eliminate all creepy looks! His gaze will be sincere and you can feel his warmth. A guy who is secretly in love with you will be caught staring at you while you are busy with your own business. Even when you speak at random, he will look at you with intriguing eyes and cute looks.

Likewise, if you are in love with him, you will look at him too. However, you do not need to make it obvious to him and observe whether he is always looking at you or not. If so, then he really has a crush on you and doesn’t want to let him go, does he?

  1. He is possessive

The easiest way to find out if a guy is in love with you or not is to see if he is jealous of you or not when you are around other guys. It will definitely catch fire with the name of your other boyfriend friends. He may not show his anger right away, but his body language will show how much he cares or how much he hates the other guy around you. A man is usually very possessive of the girl he is in love with.

  1. He will ask deep questions

We all ask questions to each other, but a guy who has a crush on you will ask you deep questions to find out more about you. He will ask you questions about your life, your past, and other things you may have experienced. He will dig deeper into your whereabouts than most of your friends.

  1. He is always there

Unlike all your male friends, he is always there for you. No matter what time or situation he is, he will be there to help you, save you, and even have fun with you. Whenever you call him, he will answer your call and get back to you as soon as possible. It could also be one of the signs that he secretly loves you .


These signs are enough to tell if he is secretly in love with you or not, but you need patience and a keen eye to watch it all. It will take some time. Don’t take any sign as an indication that you like it.

Observe his sample and then decide whether you like it or not. He will remember all the details about you and will always be with you. Finally, your intuition can hint at this over and over again. So don’t be fooled or take your time watching these signs.

We really hope that he is in love with you and that you both end up together!


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