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10 Tips To Boost Immune System This winter


As we have already stepped deep into autumn, the period of colds, viruses and flu is slowly coming. Less sun, less vitamins, more risk to the defense system. Accordingly, it would be convenient to recall some tricks on how to avoid this.

Immunity represents all the defensive reactions of our body in the fight against various diseases, but it can not do everything itself, it will need help from outside.

1. Eat healthy

Adequate intake of protein, as well as fruits and vegetables is the simplest way to improve immunity. People who do not eat meat, such as vegetarians or those who are on a diet that excludes it, have weaker immunity. In winter, treat yourself to bacon and eggs here and there, but make sure you have a good base of vitamins. Without them, it makes no sense to you.

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So they have to become a mandatory part of the menu. Ingestion of large amounts of vitamin preparations is unlikely to reduce the chances of infection. It is much more important to eat healthily and to introduce foods rich in vitamins into the diet.

2. Practice

Research has shown that regular exercise increases immunity by 50%. If you can’t exercise in the winter then make love. People who have an active sex life have stronger immunity than those who live in a kind of celibacy. Read our article on sex as exercise.

3. Drink yogurt

The daily dose of probiotics, the so-called friendly bacteria, will reduce the risk of colds, but also their duration. Calcium in dairy products is a great help in the diet, maintains bone strength and muscle mass levels, but also helps burn fat.

Probiotics are good for health and it is good to check the composition of the product to make sure it contains the good bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG). (op.a. AB culture has only 0.1% mm and is excellent for digestion).

4. Honey

A sweet, thick, viscous food, which honey bees produce from the nectar of flowers and place in honeycombs to mature. Although the chemical composition of honey depends on the origin and method of extraction from the honeycomb (eg jar, melted, or honey with pieces of honeycomb), it can be said with certainty that this delicacy consists of approximately 180 substances, most of which are (75% ) represented simple carbohydrates glucose and fructose that are quickly converted into energy and therefore stimulate mental and physical activity.

10 Tips To Boost Immune System This winter
10 Tips To Boost Immune System This winter

Honey increases the body’s natural resistance to disease by strengthening the immune system, so it is an excellent complement to medicinal drinks such as. green tea.

5. Green tea


Thanks to its high content of flavonoid antioxidants and vitamins, green tea is an excellent means of strengthening immunity, while the high content of fluoride in tea helps maintain healthy and strong teeth. But it doesn’t have to be green tea, give yourself free rein (e.g., black, Indian, white) this winter because you’ll most likely drink it every day to keep warm.

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So that you don’t get bored every day, combine. You have teas that are called “winter” so special blends of herbs adapted to this season.

6. Clothing and footwear

We’ve all heard the one about “the hat protects the head”. It has a transferred meaning (head – life, health). We lose the most heat over our heads, so save it with hats, scarves, berets, French, the choice is great. In addition to being a health guard, it is also a great fashion detail – so give yourself imagination. And as every “disease comes from the feet” make sure you have good shoes / boots, comfortable warm and waterproof.

7. Sleep less

Here is a paradox now. Too much sleep weakens the body. Sleeping in overheated spaces weakens the body, and too little sleep also does not help the defense system. So even though in winter you would prefer to crawl under a blanket and stay in the warm for half a day, don’t!

10 Tips To Boost Immune System This winter
10 Tips To Boost Immune System This winter

Sleep moderately or 1-2 times a week for less than 6-8 hours as you normally sleep. This increases the resistance and speeds up the work of the organs. The bedroom should have a lower temperature than the room where you normally stay. So the body has to work to just warm up.

8. Drink wine

Wine contains a large proportion of antioxidants that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and cause many diseases and even cancer.

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In addition to vitamin C and tannins, an outstanding antioxidant in wine is quercetin, which has shown a broad anticancer effect. To strengthen immunity – a glass of wine a day. Try mulled wine. You will fall in love!

9. Detoxification

As you applied it in the spring, getting rid of the negativity of winter, prepare yourself for winter again. Thoroughly cleanse the body from the inside to strengthen it from the outside.

10. Bath and sauna

This winter, treat yourself to at least half an hour of rest once a week. For mental health. Turn on light music, fill the tub, add essential and fragrant oils, and just lie back. Stress disappears on its own. A great way to cleanse the skin, open pores, relax muscles, and if the essential oil is based on menthol, for healthier sinuses.

More than 15% of the population will get the flu by February, and whether you become part of the statistics depends on how you prepare your immune system. So get to work.


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