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10 Powerful Secret Tips to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Before, when you want to brighten your smiles and have that perfect white teeth, you’ll have no other options but to visit the dentist. In the past, the only way to get teeth whitening is visiting the dentist, and usually, the dentist uses corrosive tooth bleach. Although bleach preparations have improved and does not hurt that much, they can still be harsh.

Today, I want to list here, some of the few do-it-yourself tips on how to help you get whiter teeth:

1. Regular Cleaning

The number point in getting a whiter teeth is the obvious one, which is regular brushing.You should make it customary to always clean your teeth daily, twice a day.
Many people don’t think that this tip is important, but the best way to keep your teeth white is to get them cleaned regularly, and when you do this, then there is absolutely no reason about whitening in the first place.

2. Brushing Twice a Day

Another way to keep your teeth white, is brushing them twice per day, ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day.
Brushing helps to prevent the build-up of plaque, which can discolour your teeth, giving it that brownish and yellowish color. Focusing on your teeth will help you prevent some staining of your teeth. Also make sure to rinse your mouth after eating.

3. Stop Smoking

Another risk of smoking is it’s strength and ability in discoloring your teeth. If you are smoking, please try to cut down as much as possible and for your health, try to stop smoking altogether as you no doubt know the hazards of smoking.
It has been proven by world renounced dentists, that smokers have a more difficult time in keeping their teeth white than non-smokers. So if you are smoking, then you know you have to try harder to keep your teeth white.

4. Coffee and Tea

If this is your first time of reading this, then you certainly will be surprised to know, that according to a recent study, it’s discovered that coffee and tea do cause teeth staining.
Make sure you sip or rinse your mouth with water while you’re drinking coffee or tea and after you’re done. Another drinks that also causes stain on the teeth are Colas and wine.

5. Eat More Fruits

Nature! The power of nature seems to always find a way in helping us solve health issues. Some fruits are wonderful and excellent tooth whiteners, such as strawberries.
Strawberries can be rubbed on the teeth or mashed up in a paste and used as toothpaste. You can also mash up strawberries and leave them on your teeth for five minutes, then remove them and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
Another wonderful fruit which can be used to whiten the teeth are oranges. The inside of an orange peel is also good for whitening the teeth. You can rub the peel right on your teeth.
To make it more effective, use a lemon juice and salt mixture. However, make sure to rinse your mouth well after using these natural tooth whitening treatments.

6. Baking Soda.

Baking soda has long been used for dental whitening, and is still as powerful today. Another secret I want to share with you, is that many types of toothpaste have baking soda in their ingredients because of its effectiveness in brightening the teeth.
You can make your own baking soda whitener though. Just mix baking soda with a little salt. This is a good cheap teeth whitening home remedy that works perfectly and harmlessly.

7. Avoid Using Mouthwashes

This is a surprise, right? To brighten and whiten your teeth, you really need to stop using mouthwash. Besides alcohol they contain other chemicals that have the ability to stain or discolor the dental.
These chemicals in mouthwashes can be easily absorb through the delicate tissues under your tongue and be absorbed into your system. One well-known mouthwash was reported recently to actually discolor the teeth with brown stains, it washes the mouth alright, but actually stain the teeth.

8. Drink Water

When it comes to brightening and whitening your teeth, you really need to drink a lot of water. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal or snack to make sure no food residue is sticking to your teeth.

10. Eat Better Diets

Yes, try as much as possible to always eat a better diet with lots of raw foods, which includes fruits and vegetables, especially the crunchy ones.
The above 11 points listed above, will help give you brighter, whiter teeth with fewer cavities.

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