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5 Effective Yorkie Training Tips For The First Time Dog Parent


Training different breeds of puppies are similar in general, but each breed has their own unique set of traits. Yorkies, for instance, are bold, intelligent and generally a little more aggressive than other breeds, so training them requires different steps. As a first time dog parent, the most important focus of the training should be on housebreaking and command training. Once these are established, you can move on to more complicated tricks.

Keep your expectations realistic

You can’t expect your pet to learn everything you teach overnight. The key here is to have fun! Keep in mind that your training goals should be age appropriate and that puppies can’t begin training until they’re about 8 weeks old. It is ideal to housebreak early, though, while their bowel and bladder muscles are still developing. Showing them what to do and where to go during the first few months will result to a well-trained puppy just after a couple of months.

Choose the right area for housebreaking

Simply choosing “out in the yard” doesn’t cut it. When choosing an area outside, make sure that it’s a comfortable spot for your pet to do his business. There are also some important things to consider. First is that your chosen are may work well during sunny days, but what about for rainy days or during winter? Also, it should be a place with few distractions – not near a barbecue grill or any other busy area outside of your home.

Follow the 15-minute rule


One of the most common mistakes that dog owners make is expecting their pet to do his business within minutes of being brought outside, especially during training. Allow at least 15 minutes for your Yorkie to sniff around and let his bowel and bladder muscles to relax for him to pee or poo. Hurrying your pet up often result to him doing his business inside the house right after going back from outside.

Be observant

Dogs have different “tells” when they’re about to go. Some whine, become restless or begin pacing around when they’re about to pee or poo. Observe what your Yorkie’s tell is which will make it easier for you to know that it’s time to bring him outside.

Reward small achievements

With a Yorkshire Terrier, acting upset and shouting when training goals aren’t reached is not going to work. Their breed learns and remembers better when offered with praise and are made to feel that their good actions are appreciated by their owner.

Remember, start small and make the whole training process fun for both you and your Yorkie. You’ll have a well-trained dog in no time!

Source by Mary L. James

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