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5 Key Tips to Save Your Marriage From Breaking Up During Pregnancy


This article is for all the mommies and daddies to be out there. We know how difficult the entire process of pregnancy can be. One moment you are over the moon, filled with joy and excitement and the next moment you feel super depressed! This is apparent in most relationships because you both are going through a major phase of your life.
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Breaking up during pregnancy is not common, but can’t be totally ruled out, because the partner usually the husband is not prepared to face all the changes that come forth with it. He appears distant, unsupportive and is looks for excuses not to be around. Thus, the wife tends to feel he is not the man she thought he was because he cannot understand the emotional turmoil she is feeling which usually results in estrangement. We know how scary can this be so we are here to help you in every way we can.

It isn’t possible to solve a problem if you are unaware of the fact that is causing it. We will try to find the underlying cause of the issue in this article. It is very important to address the problem from the root to completely eliminate it as breaking up during pregnancy can be the worst thing that can happen to a couple and the baby.

1. Unexpected pregnancy

The whole pregnancy may appear as a shock to your partner, and it is a possibility that he needs some time to process the news. This is perfectly okay because fathers tend to take time to adjust to the change as compared to the mothers. You need to give him his time rather than jumping to conclusions and arguing because this is what will push him away, not the baby. You might be worrying about something that is not even a problem at all.

2. Non-stop arguing

Arguing is something that increases during pregnancy. This is mainly because the wife is going through an influx of emotions and the husband is not used to this change. As a husband, you need to have an immense amount of patience because your wife has no control over the hormonal changes occurring in her body. You both need to support and be there for each other. It is natural to be worried, but this does not mean you drift apart. Argue as much as you want but fix things before it is too late. Do not let stress and nervousness ruin something beautiful even before you have actually felt it to the fullest.

5 Key Tips to Save Your Marriage From Breaking Up During Pregnancy
5 Key Tips to Save Your Marriage From Breaking Up During Pregnancy

3. Take responsibility

Women tend to feel alone in the pregnancy process because they feel they are doing everything on their own, which leads to many issues. As a husband, you must understand that she is going through a very tough life. Her entire life has changed, she does not look the same, her body does not feel the same, and sometimes that can be a lot to handle.

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You need to cut her some slack and at times even ignore the stupidest reactions and accusations because she does not have much control over her emotions. It may seem very hard and never end at the moment, but trust us it is temporary and it will pass.

4. Address lack of communication now

Communication is the first thing you both need to work on if you want a tension free pregnancy. It is a huge step for the both of you, and it is natural to be confused, nervous and curious. So, talk to each other about the smallest thing that is troubling you. This will bring your partner closer to you as they will feel you are opening your heart out to them. Talk about the pregnancy now, talk about how things would be in the future.

5. Plan for future

I know the present has so much going on that it is hard to think about the future but you should because you cannot deny the fact that soon another little human will be a part of your life. Finance is another contributor to breaking up during pregnancy. From hospital bills to baby clothes, room, crib all can get out of the budget because you are new to it. It is essential you discuss what is important and what can wait. Start saving up, cut down on your expenses. Do not order that new bag you saw or skip buying that leather jacket if you do not need it. Plan carefully and plan it together.

Source: Marriage.Com

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