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5 Ways To Prolong Your Pleasure In Sex


The numbers don’t lie. Most couples take 5 to 10 minutes to reach orgasm. How to prolong the pleasure in bed for him and her? Five effective techniques

5 ways to prolong your pleasure in sex

1. Watch your breath

A premature orgasm has a lot to do with how you and your partner breathe. Rapid breathing is one of the signals of an approaching sexual “denouement”. If you take control of the frequency of inhalation and exhalation and at the right moment can breathe more slowly and deeper, then you will almost certainly prolong the desired effect.

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2. Use language

A tricky trick to prolong intercourse is to use your tongue. No, this is not about oral sex or idle chatter. Feeling ready to complete your sexual pleasures? Run your tongue over the upper palate behind the teeth. “Tickling” will almost certainly slow down the pleasant denouement for a while, and you will be able to enjoy the process even longer.


3. Do intimate exercise

5 ways to prolong your pleasure in sex
5 ways to prolong your pleasure in sex

Another surefire way to prolong a woman’s intercourse is to train your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises. The classic version: for 10 seconds, quickly squeeze and unclench the muscles of the vagina, then rest for the same amount. Do this exercise for 3 sets several times a day. Such intimate physical education is not only useful in prolonging sexual intercourse, but also helps a woman prepare for childbirth, restores tissues after childbirth and is the prevention of many inflammatory processes of the genital area.

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4. Change your pose

Properly chosen sexual positions can also delay pleasure. “Big Trinity” of sacred positions: “man on top” (the partner should limit the amplitude and slow down the rhythm of movement, breathe deeply and tighten the abdominal muscles); “Woman on top” (a simple way to prolong sexual intercourse without additional stress, especially if the man does not occupy a recumbent position, but is half-sitting); position “on the side” (requires the least physical effort from both partners, just slightly shake the body).

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5. Don’t forget about foreplay

The most gentle version of prolonged pleasure is prolonged foreplay. Many partners during sex are too carried away by their own excitability and want to take advantage of the situation as quickly as possible. At this moment (this is especially true for men) they are nervous and anxious, because “everything is going too well” and they do not want to lose their fervor. Now imagine that making love is not a “marathon”, but a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Arrange a romantic foreplay for each other, flirt with your partner, tease him, turn what is happening into an alluring game, where everyone enjoys the distance, and does not strive for the “finish””. Then the question of how to prolong the sexual intercourse will disappear by itself.


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