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50 And Dating – 36 Quick and Easy Dating Tips for Mature Female Daters

  1. Ask! Ask! Ask! Ask men questions in emails, phone conversations and in person.
  2. Don’t monopolize a conversation with a new date
  3. Don’t unload your troubles on him on a first date.
  4. Have a varied dating plan for how you’ll meet men
  5. Enjoy meeting new and interesting men
  6. It’s OK to be scared. Being too careful means not enough action. Not enough action means always being alone.
  7. Do one Dating action every day and in the process become the action hero of your own life.
  8. Don’t deprive or impose too many rules on yourself about dating.
  9. See dating mistakes as an opportunity to learn more about what you do and don’t want in a relationship.
  10. Never shy away from dating obstacles. We soar our highest when truly challenged.
  11. Don’t feel you have to have a man in your life otherwise you might end up settling just to have someone there.
  12. Don’t allow others to define your dating life for you.
  13. You know what makes your heart swell with love. Follow that dream.
  14. Have a dating purpose-know why you want a man in your life.
  15. Be sure you have some type of dating support from friends or families.
  16. Have a “go to person” you can always discuss your dating concerns with.
  17. Don’t Panic when a date doesn’t work. There are lots of other men out there for you.
  18. You do have more then one Soul Mate in life.
  19. Your soul mate is out there looking for you too!
  20. When a relationship ends, give yourself some time to heal before you head back into the dating world.
  21. Success comes from working through the fear of failure and learning to be adaptable.
  22. Know the value of learning “How To Date” at this time in your life.
  23. Make a conscious decision that you are wonderful with or without a man in your life. This is often when he shows up.
  24. Sometimes a date or relationship not working out is actually a blessing in disguise.
  25. Always make time to go out with your girlfriends.
  26. Success comes from knowing you’re always in the right place at the right time.
  27. Enrich your single life by taking classes that follow your passion
  28. Be willing to explore different types of men.
  29. Don’t overthink how Mr. Right is going to show up in your life. Trust the Universe to bring you what you want.
  30. Think about upgrading your membership at dating sites to get you more exposure to the men on the sites.
  31. There are 1000’s of dating sites. One has to be right for you.
  32. The Best of the Best Dating Sites for you are the ones that speak to what types of men you are most interested in.
  33. Check out lots of dating sites.
  34. It only takes minutes to minimally fill out a profile form on a Dating Site.
  35. Personalize your profile with scenes a man can imagine himself being part of such as describing a great picnic for a romantic date.
  36. Be careful of obsessing about being in a relationship. It can cloud your judgement.

Source by Lisa A Copeland

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