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50+ Heartfelt Missing You Quotes & Messages for Husband To Send 2022



We are aware that you are searching for 50+ Heartfelt Missing You Quotes & Messages for Husband To Send In 2022, missing husband messages, missing husband quotes sayings, missing my husband so much, missing my husband quotes, miss u messages for husband in hindi, miss u hubby status, dear husband i miss you, miss you quotes and we have decided to send you the best messages to forward to your lovely husband right here.

Your husband is your everything. He is your father, mother and child and that’s exactly how you should take care of him (with tender love and joy). Sending him any of the messages below shows that you care about him lots and you cherish him.

Go now and send some, I guarantee you he will love it.

Heartfelt Missing You Quotes & Messages for Husband To Send

I Miss You Quotes For Him

  • Sometimes, I wish you’d put me above work. I really do wish you wouldn’t have to be away so long, so much. I love you, baby and miss you so.
  • How much longer do you have to be away? I’m missing you already, hon? Please come back soon.
  • My emotions are in a kind of turmoil right now. The only thing that can make me feel better is seeing you soon. I miss you so bad, dear husband.
  • Each day we spend apart from each other makes me value more, what we share. Gosh! I am so in love with you. I miss you though.
  • No matter how long it takes you to come back to me, I’ll be here waiting. My love for you will remain constant as day and night. I miss you, my husband.
  • No matter how many sheets I use on our bed, it’s still so cold without you. I can’t wait till you return and warm me up in your embrace.
  • My heart leaps in anticipation at the thought that you’ll be back home soon. I can’t wait, dear husband. I missed you so much already.
  • Everything is set for your return, baby. Your favourite drink, your favourite meal, your favourite music and I, your favourite person. I’m anticipating, honey. I’ve missed you so much.
  • Nothing will satisfy me more than seeing your face right now. I’ll just contain myself until you return and then I can let out all pent up emotions. I really miss you.

I Miss You Quotes

  • You have worked so hard for this opportunity. You deserve every bit of referral you’re getting. I won’t be the one to block your shine, baby. If being apart for a while is the price we get to pay, so be it. I love you darling and I’m looking forward to when you will be back in my arms.
  • It is often said that distance makes the heart grow fonder, how true. Ever since you left, I’ve thought of nothing else but you. I miss you my darling husband. Do come home as soon as you can.
  •  I appreciate that we have to work to pay our bills. What I can’t stand is the fact that it keeps us apart.  I love you so much darling but I miss you too much for comfort.
  • Technology is supposed to make things easier, right? Wrong in this case. Though video calls make it possible to see you while you’re away, it doesn’t make me miss you less. I love you so much sweetheart.
  • I miss you so bad, baby and I know when you come back, it will take a really long while before I let you out of my sight again.
  • What’s been keeping me while you’re away are the fond memories we share and the fact that I know your heart belongs to me only. I miss you dear. Come home soon, will you?
  • I miss your breathings next to mine in the mornings. I miss the music your off key songs makes when mixed with the sound of the shower. I miss the ambience of well-beingambience of well-being your presence gives. I miss you so much, sweetheart.
  • I’m doing my best so I can put thoughts of you behind me so I can concentrate on work. Apparently, I’m not succeeding as all I can think about is you. So I am taking this time out to let you know that I miss you so much.
  • I didn’t sign up for this protracted absence. I didn’t sign up for months going by without seeing you. I miss you so much, baby. Please come home as soon as you can.
  • Being married to you is the most beautiful part of my life, missing you is the hardest part.
  • I miss you so much honey. It’s memories of our happy days that keep me going. I really can’t wait until we’re back together. I long for your tender, loving care.
  • I’m so glad you’re a big shot now. You’ve worked so hard for this position and you deserve nothing less. And though I hate the fact that I don’t get to see you as much as I’d love to, I want you to know I’m really proud of you. I love you, sweetheart and I miss you.
  • All these work I took on are supposed to ease the pain of your absence and make the days fly. While it helps a bit, I still can’t help longing for you especially when I’m home alone at night and in the early mornings. I miss you a lot boo; I really do miss you, dear husband.

Other Heartfelt Missing You Quotes & Messages for Husband To Send

I am Missing My Husband Special Quotes

  •  Life is a condition, it is either we live it with the right people or the wrong ones. Thank God you are my husband and I find you as the right person to live the rest of my life with. Thank you for your love but I miss you!
  • I must confess that you have become the air in which I breathe so I can no longer live without you. I wish to let you understand how much my life is at risk without finding you beside me for just a second. I am so addicted to you—just want to let you know how much I miss you!
  • I love you and every around you because the light of your love did this to me. It changed my life and made me a kind-hearted person. Before I met you, I thought life is all about revenge but I have come to realize that this world is best lived by those who forgives. I miss you my love!
  • The father of my kids, I salute you for your kindness and the pinnacle of joy you planted in my heart. I wish to always be by your side so that my heart will grow in comfort. I cherish you and everything about you the most interesting woman I have ever come across in life. just want to say I miss you!
  • I miss myself and everything about me because your absence is really dealing with me. I miss my joy and passion because you are no where to be found beside me. I miss you and my entire world because you are the only true joy I have in life keeping God in His own special position. Baby I miss you!
  • Good to find a real superstar like you in my life because, since the beginning of my passion for you, my heart has been decorated with endless joy, everlasting peace and superb happiness. You are like an ocean of sugar swimming in you revives my spirit to be productive even better. I miss you!
  • For the endless love you show to me, I wish to let you understand how much you mean to me too. You are my world the best friend and husband of life—loving you I will always adore for the rest of my life. God’s willing; you will last with me now and till the end of time. Baby I miss you!
  • You are the kind of husband I have been searching for since these years. Perhaps if I have met you ten years before now, my life will have been more beautiful than it is now. I love you the love of my life—you are so sweet and I miss you my husbee!
  • Before the last breath in my life, I will make sure I prove to you that you are the best man I ever seen in life. You are worthy of been loved now and forever because you really proved the good man God has made you-my dear husband. Your smile is my joy and your presence is my energy. I miss you!
  • Lastly I will prove to you that nothing breaks my heart than to see you walking away and the reason is because you are too interesting to be without. I so much admire your presence as though nothing else is good in life but to always be around you—now and all times. I wish I can see you right away because I miss you my heart!

Missing Quotes for Husband to Say I Love You

  • The very first day I set my eyes on you, I see you as my future star—the gem that will always put smile on my face. I love you my dear angel the one that brings passion to my heart. I really miss you my love!
  • I thank the Lord for giving me you because since the day we become one, my life has been filled with joy and endless happiness. I wish I can always be with you to feel the impact of what your love really means all the time. I miss you my dear angel!
  • I want to appreciate you for all the joy you brought into my life not just the happiness but also for changing my life for good. I am lucky because your words of wisdom achieved a lot for me in this life as such will forever be grateful for your impact in my life. I miss you my husband!
  • I wish to meet you every moment from now because I am so depressed by your absence. I am sure that nothing else can revive my spirit once again until I see your handsome face, feel your beautiful hug and have your sweet kisses. I miss you!
  • I am pleased with the kind of husband God has given to me because he is so special and wonderful. Since the day I met him my life has always been recognized with joy and complete rest of mind. However, today I’m so sad for not finding you beside me my dear husband I miss you!

I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend

  •  Reality is when someone finds a man like you in her life. Real joy is when a person finds a gem like you beside her. Real passion is when someone like you dwells in my heart and real comfort is to find myself wrapped on your chest. I miss you!
  • You are my dream come true, the passion I feel from the nooks to the cranny of my heart. I love everything about you baby. Having found you in my lifetime; found a unique gift that will put smile on my face now and for the rest of my life. I miss you my love!
  • You are my only joy the only man that can make me happy whenever I’m sad. You are a God sent to me and for this reason will always cherish and honor you. I love you and everything about your life style. I jus want to say I miss you my love!
  • I love my life because it involves you—a handsome man like I have never met you before. You have walking steps like a rigid mansion firm on the floor. Your smile is like an ocean of honey sweetens my heart like never before. Your face, shining like the sun itself. I miss you!
  • This is one reason why I cannot do without you—your standard character and gentleness. It may be that I won’t sleep until I see your handsome face once again. I cherish your smile and the cute moments I always share with you; just want to say I miss you my dear husband!
  • I may not be able to give you all that you want in life but will always find a way to make you proud of me. I am so pleased with you the joy of my life and having you around my life is the most interesting thing to me. I really miss you, my dear husband—your love will forever rein in my heart. I miss you once again!
  • To me, love is an art only beautiful players like you can make the game go smoothly as suppose. My dear husband, loving you is like an endless chocolate on my mind and cherishing you is like a voyage of passion, joy and happiness—I miss you my dear heart!
  • I found my joy in you since the day I became one with you—physically, emotionally and sexually you are the perfect husband for me; thank God I belong to you. I wish to let you understand how much your presence means to me. I just want to say “I miss you, baby!”
  • Since these years I have been searching for a man who will fulfil all my dreams for me—a man of high character who will be patient with me whenever I am wrong. I have been praying for a husband that will give me joy in life and I found you—just want to say, I miss you!
  • A day has come where nothing else will please me but the impact of God and your presence. I want to see your smiling face, that powerful voice of yours—sweeter than females’ voice. I want to hug and kiss you, baby I really miss you please join me soon!

Cute Missing My Boyfriend Quotes

  • You are the most interesting man I have ever seen in my life as such; no other man can replace you. You are a gem full of sympathy and kindness for mankind. A man like you is rare to find thank God I married you. I just want to say, I miss you!
  • My joy comes from the fact that you are my husband—a man of beauty and character. When I married you, I never knew how much interesting until now I came to realize how lucky I am to have found a great man like you as my spouse. I miss you love!
  • Sweetheart, I must tell you the truth that I can no longer cope because loneliness is strangling my neck for no more reasons. How I wish you are here to see how tiny I have become thinking about you. I really want you to know that I miss you truly!
  • Truly, I love you so much but the most painful thing is that I can’t stand your presence yet your absence is a nightmare to me. I love your smile, voice and handsome face. I cherish your words, gestures and above all your good attitudes. Baby, I miss you!
  • My dear husband, loving you is my number one priority putting God in His special position. I wish I can explain to you, how much you mean to me then the whole world will have been filled with pages of the expressions of my love for you. I miss you, my husband!

Missing Husband Status for Whatsapp

  • I love my life because you are part of it but the painful event that keeps occurring is your absence—baby it hurts me so much. It could be because your presence leaves me with an ocean of joy and your absence sinks me in the tsunami of loneliness. I miss you!
  • From the root of my heart to the top, your thoughts alone circulate leaving me with a bunch of passion. I so much admire you but you won’t know because feelings deal only with the one that carries the burden. I miss you so much!
  • Life is meaningless to me without you by my side. Without the treasure that pleases my heart, how on earth will I be happy? You are the best husband on earth. I miss you, baby!
  • I am surrounded by many beautiful things created by my beloved God but I can’t feel their impact because you are not beside me. My entire life is dying to see you, my lovely husband. Wherever you are, just know that your presence means a lot to me and my health. I miss you!
  • I have given my heart to you so you can keep it safe for me but suddenly, I felt a sharp pain of your absence giving the signal that you’ve left with my heart to a place far away from my reach. Wherever you are please come back home as soon as possible. I really miss you, my husband!
  • You mean the whole universe to me—in another word, you are my world and everything that surrounds it. You are my breath and therefore cannot live without you. I cherish you, my dear husband. Please, I need just one thing from you—come back home to take away my loneliness. I miss you, my love!
  • When I set my eyes on you, I knew the best man on earth has come into my life and since the day we became one, you have never made me feel bad even for a microsecond—this is the very reason I used to wonder what kind of man that you are. I am lucky to meet you in life. I miss you, baby!
  • Every day and night, you are the reason why I am happy but since the day you left, my heart has been dwelling in loneliness. All that I want at the moment is to see the brightness of your face, that powerful smile of yours and the passionate smile you cast on my heart. I miss you!
  •  You are my ruby therefore without you beside me I won’t find joy in my heart. Dear husband, you mean the world to me and without my life will be somewhat boring and miserable. Stay with me my love every second of my life so I will know not pain in my heart. I want to appreciate also for the best father you are to my children. I miss you!
  • For all the joy you brought into my life, I appreciate. For all the kindness you showed to me and my kids, I will forever love you and no matter what transpires between us; your love will always remain the same in my heart. I miss you!

Missing My Husband so Much

  • Every moment I spent with you is always filled with joy and happiness. You are the most handsome gem on earth as such I am the luckiest lady on earth. Thank God I met and married you because without you in my life, I won’t be complete. I miss you so much!
  • I love everything about you though you may not understand, believe me that’s just the truth. I wish I can explain the depth of my passion for you and then it will take you in surprise that someone like me still exists. Yours is my dedication in love to make you happy. I miss you!
  • My love for you has no bound it will continue to grow until the end of times. The reason why I smile, how I wish you are here with me to flush away my loneliness. I am so beaten by your absence—please come back home soon. I miss you!
  • Time has gone too far by taking you away from me, baby I am so sad because all the romantic words have gone along with you—no one to kiss, hug or cuddle me again. I must confess that your absence is really a big challenge to me. I just want to say: I miss you so much!
  • My dear husband, the father of my kids, you see the tears dropping from my eyes is not for sorrow but for the fact that I have missed you a lot. I miss your smile, voice, handsome face, buggy man’s walk and the laughter you give to me. My sweetheart, I really miss you so much!
  • Last night I was alone thinking of the memories we shared together then suddenly tears of passion fills my eyes because you were nowhere beside me. I wish you did not leave for the trip perhaps my heart would have been at rest. I miss you, baby!
  • Since the very first day I met you, my life has been filled with love and endless passion. The reason why I cherish you is that you are a kind-hearted man. I wish I can show you how much you mean to me. I miss you!
  • Loving you is the most interesting thing I am concerned about at this moment. Believe me, there is no other man that can replace you in my heart. There is one thing that disturbs my feelings and it is the fact that you are far away from me—baby wherever you may be, always remember that somewhere, somehow someone is dying to see you. I miss you!
  • From the deepest point of my heart, I beseech the Lord to bless my husband wherever he may be. Although I have missed you a lot thinking about you has become my second nature. Since the day you left, my days and nights have never passed without remembering you—I miss you!
  • My heart is full of sorrow and the reason is your absence, my dear husband. That day, in that blessed hour we were joined as one; my life joy began and since then all I get from you is a kindness. I am so happy that I met you in life. I miss you my heart!

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