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6 Hidden Reasons Of Breakup


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It’s an established fact that every woman wants a beautiful relationship void of problems, but it’s crucial to understand that every relationship has a time bomb beneath and can effortlessly be detonated by some careless behaviors we hardly take into consideration. It’s certainly the responsibility of the partners involved to ensure that this bomb is permanently impeded from detonating. Breaking up with a sweetheart is of course an unpleasant experience and i’m sure nobody wants to experience it. 

Keep an eye on these behaviors if losing your sweetheart isn’t what you crave:

1. Not accepting your man the way he is

Everyone prefers being loved the way they are and you aren’t an exception. Trying to change your partner from what he is to what you want him to be may cost you your relationship. He’s likely to get uncomfortable with you if you aren’t comfortable with the type of person he is. He may even slip off your finger the moment he finds someone who accepts him the way he is.  
Expressing your displeasure over your Man’s attitude isn’t bad at all, but trying to change everything about him with the sole aim of making him a different person may be unacceptable. Come to think of it, what if there are also a couple of things he equally detests about you? The absence of complains from him doesn’t mean he’s totally comfortable with you, he’s just loving you the way you are and you must reciprocate.

 2. Swift anger

The habit of always getting angry over things that wouldn’t inspire swift anger can cheaply promote gradual disconnection. Reasonably, getting angry isn’t out of place, but, minimizing your anger is extremely crucial if your relationship must survive. if you fall into the category of women who throw caution to the wind and act carelessly once they are angry, he may cultivate justifiable reasons to walk away.
Believe me, what’s been making you flare up uncontrollably happens even in those great relationships, but the way the other lady has been handling things, keeps making the difference. You must understand that your man isn’t an angel, he’s prone to mistakes quite like you.
Why would he feel at home with you when you keep harassing him at every opportunity? You may never have a place in his heart if you keep flaring up over every little mistake he makes.

3. Being a clear opposite of what you used to be

He’ll be tempted to look elsewhere when what lured him to you fades. Being in his life for a long time isn’t a reason to stop taking good care of yourself. It’s your responsibility to sustain the efforts you employed to have him yearn for you. Can you recall the way looked when you met each other? Can you also recall those beautiful attitudes that made him see you as someone he can comfortably spend the rest of his life with? Allowing your standards drop just because you’ve been together for a long time, may mark the commencement of your misery.

4. Being excessively curious

He’ll need some privacy at a point, and it’s your responsibility to understand. Calling him every now and then just to have his movements appropriately monitored isn’t funny at all. You can’t have his entire attention in the name of having a relationship with him, he has other things to do in order to incline his status in life. Spying unnecessarily on your man instead of concentrating on making yourself irresistible may be counter productive.

5. Constant excuses on bed

Constant excuses on bed is a disguised way of asking him to go get it elsewhere, this will surely bestow unhealthy effects on your relationship in a long run. Pushing a man out to the street is however cheap, but, bringing him back home can be very tasking especially when he gets used to the street. Reasonably, you can’t always be in the mood, but, ensuring he’s not starved, will save your relationship a lot of troubles. Personal problems as well as other demands mainly from your job may constitute a genuine excuse, but you are expected to try your very best.

6. Withholding Trust

A blunt refusal to trust your current partner owing to the ugly experiences you had in your previous relationship can impede success in your current relationship. Aggression of past relationships shouldn’t be transferred to your current relationship. It’s certainly unfair to have your current partner pay for the negative behaviors of your ex. By withholding trust, you are initiating a harmful concept, what if he reciprocates?  It’s imperative to give your partner a chance by trusting him first. He’ll eventually walk away if you persistently refuse to trust him.
Frankly, a peaceful relationship is one of the luxuries you owe yourself, and so, it’s vital to ensure that every attitude that’s capable of inspiring breakup is kept at bay.
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