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7 Ways To Protect Your Skin In Winter

A few tips on the specifics of winter skin care


The wonderful winter season, filled with long-awaited holidays, meetings with old friends and delicious mother’s food, brings us a pleasant pleasure (sometimes in combination with a few extra pounds). But in all the festive hustle and bustle of our lives, we sometimes forget about the importance of skin care during the colder months and the fact that it is really vulnerable to the effects of cold temperatures, wind and contrasting dry indoor air. Let’s find out how we can protect our skin from the problems of the freezing months to keep it healthy, beautiful and vibrant.

Replace your detergents and cleansers!

Some antibacterial soaps and alcohol-based cosmetics can dry out the skin severely. During the winter months, it is best to bathe in cool water and use glycerin soap. Choosing the right cleanser and makeup remover is especially important at this time of year! For dry skin, dermatologists recommend using a cleansing toilet milk, and for oily skin – a gel for washing. As pleasant as a long hot shower after a cold winter day is, it additionally dehydrates our skin, so don’t forget about a moisturizing oil or nourishing body cream after a bath. Dry your skin with gentle blotting movements rather than abrupt rubbing.

Focus on facial moisturizers!

Using the right moisturizers during the winter months is especially important if we want to keep our skin healthy and revitalized. Our skin has a natural hydrolipid layer that protects more strongly at higher temperatures and shrinks in cold weather.

7 Ways To Protect Your Skin In Winter
7 Ways To Protect Your Skin In Winter

When the temperature on the thermometer drops sharply, our skin loses its natural protection and quickly dehydrates, so our care should be taken more thoroughly. Inadequate nutrition and hydration, in addition to making the skin tender and sensitive, often exacerbate or even lead to various types of flaking and eczema, exacerbating wrinkles and other signs of aging. With chronic dehydration, the skin loses its tone and elasticity, shine and vitality. It is recommended to apply moisturizers immediately after washing on clean, dry skin.

Don’t skip exfoliating your skin!


Exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface layers is an important part of maintaining skin health and beauty. This healthy habit should also not be overlooked during the winter months. Use a gentle facial exfoliator to improve overall tone and renew your skin at least once a week. When exfoliating skin, avoid the area around the eyes – there, the skin is about 15% thinner than the skin of the face and is most vulnerable to damage.

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Choose a hand cream with an enhanced formula!

The light summer consistencies of hand creams are best replaced with more nourishing and dense textures that are specially formulated for winter care. The vagaries of the weather – cold, wind and snow – require changes and increased daily hand care. For an extra rejuvenating result with very dry hands, you can lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream, and then immediately put on cotton gloves so that the ingredients penetrate deeply and the moisture is sealed from the inside, then after an hour your hands will be irresistibly smooth.

Protect yourself from dangerous winter sun rays!

The winter sky filters ultraviolet rays very poorly, and we know that they are the main cause of wrinkles. The sun’s rays combined with snow can seriously damage your skin in winter due to their reflectivity – if 17% of the rays are reflected in the sand, then up to 80% are reflected in the snow. Therefore, 30 minutes before going outside, apply a face cream with UV protection and SPF.

Replace your lipstick with lip balm!

Pay special attention to lip care, they are especially prone to drying out, since the skin in these places does not have sebaceous glands. Even if lipstick is an essential part of your look, focus on lip balms in winter. The most suitable are those enriched with natural oils, beeswax and vitamin E. They will nourish and moisturize your lips to keep them hydrated, softer and smoother even on the coldest days.

Remember, drinking plenty of fluids isn’t just important in summer!

Although cosmetics with moisturizing, emollient and nourishing ingredients play an important role in skin care in winter, it is beneficial to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance their effect, and also not reduce your fluid intake. This way, your body will have enough water to deal with seasonal stress, and you will be healthy and energized not only on the outside, but also on the inside.


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