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7-yr-old Hyderabadi boy creates app for healthy eating habits


Hyderabad: A 7-year-old Siddhanth Nair created a Nutrition App which helps to record and calculate nutrition kids are getting in their Tiffin Box.

Children are picky eaters and parents do their best to guarantee that their kids get the required nutrition on a daily basis. Especially during school, it’s a tough job for parents to give healthy Tiffin as kids tend to prefer to consume junk food with little or no nutritive value. To tackle this situation and ensure healthy eating habits in kids, Siddhanth Nair has created the Nutrition App.

Siddhanth’s school (Ambitus World School) follows a healthy Tiffin
regime for kids. Being on the WhiteHat Jr platform for the past 5-6 months, he
wanted to utilize his learning to create an app to spread the message to other
parents and encourage other kids to eat healthy as well.


“Kids now days have an evolved sense of right and
wrong, and they want to contribute in their own way to address issues in our
society. Kids as young as 6-year-old can start to learn coding to prepare them
for the future and like Siddhant, we are already seeing many young kids
creating some extremely creative, high utility digital applications that will
make a long-term impact on the world.”, said Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO,
WhiteHat Jr

Kids are learning to code on WhiteHat Jr, an EdTech startup that teaches coding to kids between 6 to 14 years of age. Teaching cutting-edge curriculum on technologies like AI, robotics, machine learning and space tech, the startup aims to harness natural creativity of kids and shift their mindset from consumers to creators at an early age.

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