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A Business Plan Becomes Useless Without Sales


Let’s say you have done the right thing and created a clear, concise business plan before you start into business. You ‘open your doors’, whether that might be in a brick and mortar business, or in an online business. You even get loads of leads and enquiries coming which is really exciting. Then… you realize that you are having difficulty in actually turning your prospects into paying clients.

A business plan gives you the guidelines, a good, but simple marketing plan will bring clients to you, and after that, it is up to your sales conversation to actually convert prospects into profits.

It is a new mindset that we need to adopt today that overturns the notion of selling as we have know it until now.

There are many myths that hang around the words ‘sales’ that most people hold as current. One of them is that “Selling is a numbers game”. Holding on to this myth means that in many business plans created today, you need to push massive numbers into the top of that sales funnel in order to have any chance of ‘converting’ some of those prospects into actual sales.


I believe we are currently doing business in a time when trust is at it’s lowest point. While it is true that you do need to continually build your prospect list, it is more important to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your prospects. If you make this a focal point of all your conversations, you will find that you are able to make meaningful connections with people who are ready and more importantly, willing, to do business with you, without you feeling ‘salesy’. It is a truly wonderful place to be in when you understand how to create this situation every time you are with a potential client.

By taking this approach you will find that you actually need fewer ‘numbers’ of prospects as your immediate connection with them is made at a deeper level and you allow clients to be attracted to you from your first conversation, and leading to a point where they can’t wait to do business with you.

A sale is actually made or lost at the first ‘hello’ rather than at the end or close of a conversation. It is at this moment that you either gain your prospects trust, or they immediately become wary of what you are trying to ‘sell’ them into.

To make your business plan work effectively you do need an abundance of clients, and then you also need to understand how to convert those prospects into profit for your business.

Source by Fay McLean

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