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A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology


Having worked in the traditional and alternative health field since the early seventies, I have seen a lot of things that I really saw the benefits of, and things that I questioned the value of. However, nothing has impacted my own health or my helping others with their nutritional needs as much as Applied Kinesiology.

I first saw Kinesiology at Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado long before I was saved. I saw and was tested on toleration of an apple. As my arm went down while testing, I had a funny feeling, but I knew that as a child I never really liked or did that well on apples. I really dismissed this later when I became a Christian as just some more New Age junk, and denounced it along with all the other New Age religious things I had opened myself up to. I continued in the dietetics profession as a Registered Dietitian at clinics and hospitals, and didn’t give it another thought until years later, as my own health was failing, and traditional medicine was no help.

A born again Christian did a very thorough muscle testing on me, and I didn’t have that funny feeling any more. She actually pinpointed exactly what was going on, and further more, tested me on some herbs and supplements that worked better than anything else I had tried. I realized at that point that the funny feeling I had was from someone who was not of God testing me and probably affecting me with spirits not of God. You see, my mother was really praying for me at that time. But I also wanted to get confirmation from the Lord that this was not playing with evil spirits or anything not of Him. We were buying a health store in which the clientele was built on kinesiology to a great extent, and they would expect me to continue helping them in the same way , so I really had to do some soul searching to make sure I was on track. A month before I had prayed a prayer of agreement with my pastors wife that I would find a job in the natural health field, and two weeks later this opportunity fell into my lap!

The Lord first began to deal with me on the physiology of the human body… the fact that it is electric. Our heart and muscles contract from electricity…our nerve impulses are transmitted by electron charges across the synapses of our dendrites…sodium, potassium, magnesium, and more, have electrical charges, and are transferred in and out of our cells by electrical charges. He also reminded me about the meridians in the body, which appear to be electrical current lines through our system. He also reminded me about lie detector tests which very objectively measure our electrical response to words being spoken. I soon realized that this was just a physical property of the body, and that the body could respond to stressors, substances, and even words in a positive or negative way.


The Lord also reminded me of the men who were not the direct disciples of Jesus that were praying in the name of Jesus, and people were being healed. When the disciples questioned Jesus about their right to do this, or their spiritual correctness, Jesus replied, ” They who are not against us are with us”. I really continued questioning as I attended more seminars and teachings on muscle testing and learning about applied kinesiology as a branch of Chiropractic care. What really confirmed for me that it was a valid informal response of the body and something that could be helpful as a Christian to help others was one fall in a Kenneth Hagin Holy Ghost meeting. He was prophesying, and in the middle of the prophesy said, “electricity is the physical power of the body…the anointing is the spiritual power of the body.”

From that time on, I have felt open to having the Lord use me in the area of kinesiology to help people with their health. I still keep an ear open to the Lord in case anything changes. I stay in the word and prayer and subjected to Godly leaders to make sure I am on the right path and don’t distort or get in error in the field of natural health. I do feel that people need to be careful who they go to for kinesiology, massage, chiropractic, or any physical care, so they aren’t subjected to someone who is contacting ungodly spirits.

I also believe a Christian who is strong in faith should tell a health care practitioner that he IS a Christian, and will only use his services if they will respect his faith and not be praying to or contacting whatever while in their presence. Sometimes you are in a crisis situation and have no other choice for you or a loved one, but it is amazing how God can take over and take charge in a situation when a christian will speak in faith and stand his ground. Remember, Love never fails! 1Cor 13

It is also important to remember that kinesiology is like asking a child a question: you don’t get all the answers, neither is it a medical is merely an indicator of organ or systems in the body that are weak or in stress, and which herbs, foods, or nutrients test the most positive at that time to provide balance or nutritional support for the body to heal itself. Don’t throw common sense out the window as you look at the big picture of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It is my prayer that if you are questioning the safety or physical validity of kinesiology, that my testimony puts you at peace and in touch with the Lord, and his pathway of healing for you. He wants you well!

Source by Ann Fishburne

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