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Actress,Bimbo Afolayan, goes hard on critics over mum’s predicament


Yoruba Nollywood actress, Bimbo Afolayan, wife of celebrated director in the Yoruba sector, Okiki Afolayan  went totally ballistic on people who trolled her on social media over her mother’s spat with a landlord.

According to the actress on her Instagram page, her mother was assaulted by her landlord, in a house, she said she grew up in, and instead of the landlord being arrested and detained by the Police, he was allowed to walk free because he’s the chairman of landlords in the area. Bimbo said she had to cry out for justice, on Instagam and instead of sympathy from the public, some fans attacked her that she put her mother in harm’s way by not building a house  for her. They accused her of living luxuriously without taking adequate care of her mother.

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The actress reacted angrily with an Instagram video, lashing out at the people she labelled haters, saying they have no right to tell her how to take care of her mother.

“Because you don’t take care of your mother doesn’t mean I don’t take care of my own. It is not your business to know how I take care of my mother. My mum doesn’t want to take the matter up but one day I will take it up and expose the landlord. You people, will suffer,” she said in the video.

The actress, who also sells beauty products, said she brought the matter to social media to seek help of people living in the area who may be able to intervene as soon as possible before she could get there.

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