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All Vocaloid characters and names


The Vocaloid brand is fascinating. The line of virtual pop stars has quickly grown in scope and popularity, blossoming into a global franchise. And now, there are loads of different Vocaloid characters, each with their own look, backstory, and gimmick. In fact, it can often be hard to keep up with them all. So, if you want to refresh your memory and boost your digital idol knowledge, here is every single Vocaloid currently available. 

The Vocaloid software platform was launched by Yamaha in 2004. The software was originally a voice synthesizer that would allow users to make human-sounding vocal lines without a singer. This software required the use of a voice bank. Simply put, a collection of vocal sounds that the software could synthesize into vocal lines. Quickly, companies started to sell these banks, and many were marketed via moe anthropomorphism, with each voice bank featuring a character on its packaging. 

These characters quickly grew in depth, getting their own backstories and personalities. This led to the term Vocaloid becoming synonymous with virtual idols, many of whom have released non-music software products and gone on international concert tours. 

Most famously, the Hatsune Miku voice-bank has become a media juggernaut with the character getting her own video games, merchandise, and live-performance tours. She frequently appears in other media, including the infamous Domino’s pizza crossover.  

Crypton Future Media’s products are by far the most famous Vocaloids. Their voicebanks are the most well-known, especially as most appear in crossovers with Crypton Future Media’s Hatsune Miku, most notably in the extremely popular Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series of rhythm video games. 


Crypton Future Media’s current Vocaloids are: 

Crypton Future Media isn’t the only company that makes Vocaloid voicebanks. Several other companies make them, and many companies group their Vocaloids by sub-company or sub-label. 

Currently, the other main Vocaloids are: 

AH-Software Co. Ltd.

HEARTFAST (AH-Software Co. Ltd.)

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