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Apologize to us, COSON tells NCC boss


Copyright Society of Nigeria, COSON, has asked the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC,  to apologize to thousands of its members, the entire Nigerian creative community and the international copyright family for the commission’s abuse of power.

COSON has also demanded that NCC  should make appropriate restitution to COSON for harassing, intimidating, maltreating and bullying the society and several of its officers with powers not founded on the laws and constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and denying the Nigerian music industry billions of naira due to it.

At a World Press Conference held during the week, at COSON House, Ikeja, the society noted that it was amazed to discover that some senior officers in the Nigerian Copyright Commission, a federal government agency, were neck deep in the almost three years old conspiracy to hijack COSON and turn it into a private piggy bank for themselves  alongside their friends.

Speaking at the event, Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman of COSON said “when the COSON House was commissioned nearly three years ago, a lot of people were surprised that there was not one Naira of government money in the acquisition and construction of this magnificent building, no donor dollar or pound came from anywhere and that we did it with no bank loan and no debt of any type.

“For eight years, not one of the highly trained staff of COSON received his or her salary one day late. It is also a fact that no COSON member has ever paid any registration fee, monthly dues or subscription of any type yet every COSON member is entitled to some income from us every year.”


“We are very proud of the success of COSON which is a product of the leadership’s laser-focused dedication to our cause and the deft management of our resources.

“Unfortunately, the COSON success also became our albatross. As it became clear that we have broken the jinx and built an organization which across the continent was being celebrated and admired, several midnight plots and gang-ups began to emerge. COSON had become too successful with the magnificent COSON House shining and millions of naira in the bank. As a result, some people could no longer sleep. Suddenly, a plot was hatched by a handful of people to hijack for themselves COSON which we have built as a pan-Nigerian organization to provide succor to all owners of musical works and sound recordings in every nook and cranny of the Nigerian nation. Their dream became how to turn COSON into their private ATM and a private piggy bank for them and their friends”.

“We hereby state emphatically that until the leadership of NCC reads Section 39 (7) of the Copyright Act properly, understands that the NCC’s power to make regulations is limited to the conditions necessary to give effect to the purposes of Section 39 of the Act and that the NCC is not the omnibus regulator some of its officers have assumed, the commission will continue to face crisis”.

“We have become freedom fighters for the Nigerian creative industry. We are fighters against the use of state power to muscle and overwhelm innocent citizens. We will not slumber, and we will not tire. We refuse to be made slaves in our nation. We will fight the tyranny that has been unleashed on us until we gain total victory for the artistes of Nigeria”.

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