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Best Android Emulators For PC: How To Download Android Emulators


Special emulator programs allow you to play console games on a computer or use Windows on a Mac laptop, etc. The popularity of these programs is growing along with the growing needs of users. Among them are programs with which you can work with Android applications on a PC. Here we will tell you about the best, in our opinion, Android emulators for PC.

MEmu Play

If you are into video games and are looking for Android emulators to play on your PC, MEmu Play is what you need. This emulator is specially designed for gamers. Installation is extremely easy as it is integrated with Google Play. Another advantage of MEmu Play: This tool allows you to send files from your PC and even has a function that simulates GPS.


Best Android emulators for PC
Best Android emulators for PC

ARChon is an extension for Google Chrome, but to install it you will need to activate Chrome “developer mode” since ARChon is not available in the Play Store. Although it is one of the favorite programs of many experts and developers, ARChon has another “but”: to open an Android application in the browser using this tool, you first need to convert it to a Chrome extension (detailed instructions can be found on web de ARChon ).

You can download the program here .



BlueStacks is the world’s most used Android emulator for PCs. With this program you can enjoy a variety of video games on Android.

In addition, this program has an Android style desktop that is adapted to the PC desktop, with an intuitive interface. And that’s not all! BlueStacks includes real-time app translation, keyboard and mouse maps, multi-window functionality, and more. You can also download BlueStacks from this link .

Android x86

Some programs need the support of another application to work properly. This is the case of Android X86: if you choose this option ( download here ), you will also need to install VirtualBox or another similar virtual machine (VMWare, QEMU, Parallels …). Android x86 is not an emulator, but an adapter that allows you to use Android as your main PC operating system. When combined with VirtualBox or another virtual machine, you can use Android x86 to run Android apps.

It is one of the few tools that emulates Wi-Fi connections on computers with Ethernet, thereby improving application compatibility and opening up a wide range of options, including an alternative taskbar.


Best Android emulators for PC
Best Android emulators for PC

Genymotion is not an operating system, but its installation package automatically includes VirtualBox, and this combination allows you to emulate Android. This makes Genymotion one of the favorite emulators of Android app developers.

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Genymotion’s strengths also include the ability to select different phone models to get the most realistic emulation effect. You can download the program here.


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