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Best Pregnancy Android App


Do you need some good advice about your beautiful pregnancy ? Well, maybe you just accidentally hit the right blog at the right time. We have seen many useful apps for iOS and Android, and today I wanted to show you some of them that will allow you to monitor your pregnancy on your mobile phone. I will show you the best pregnant android apps .

In one application, you should have a calendar with all the tips and tricks for the period, a tool for tracking exams, and a system for checking your baby’s feeding. But let’s not rush.

Best Pregnancy Android App


Being a mom-to-be is a beautiful, difficult, exhausting and exhausting thing that can be done at the same time. I’m going to introduce you to the Android pregnancy apps, however, you can use technology that will help you track your activities and that of your baby or toddler.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll show you some free apps that can help you pre- and post-natal. Please note that you can find all of them in the Play Store and that some of them are free, i.e. free, but with paid features. Therefore, if you want to use their additional functions, you need to purchase them.

I want to point out, however, that these supplements should in no way replace the advice of your doctor or gynecologist . They should simply help you keep track of your activities during pregnancy.

Pregnancy +


Pregnancy + app is one of the most used Android pregnancy monitoring apps. After the free installation, create an account or use it without registering. In any case, you will be asked to enter basic information (Name, Gender of the child and Unit of Measure).

After that, you will need to install estimated delivery date . You can also use the Delivery Assumption Tool to calculate the expected delivery date .

At this point, you will see the application control panel containing days and weeks. There will be many tips and articles about pregnancy. In addition, you can plan various activities, including:

  • The calendar
  • The Diary
  • Current weight

Make the most of the app to get notifications and step-by-step information while pregnant.



iMomom is one of the best pregnant android apps and not only that. It is also available for iOS and is one of the most used on smartphones and tablets.

Once installed, choose a profile type between iMomom and Doctor . Then allow access to the various functions of your mobile phone. Then tap the “I’m pregnant” option and select the Date of your last menstrual period .

Then you will set up the application, which will now show you the data related to the child’s birth . There will be weeks and days until the baby is born, the month of pregnancy and the expected due date. There will even be a countdown to delivery.

But this is just the first of many features of the iMamma app. By clicking on the “Others” menu , you will find many other functions , for example:

  • Fertility
  • 9 months in 3D
  • 40 weeks on video
  • iMother community
  • Postcard for pregnant women
  • The calendar
  • Countdown
  • My dates
  • Exams
  • Diet
  • Hydration
  • Fitness during pregnancy
  • ultrasound scans
  • Blood pressure
  • Fruit weight
  • Preparatory Course
  • Suitcase
  • Photos

You will have all of these tools for a controlled pregnancy in every way. In addition, you can enjoy discounts and promotions on your baby’s purchases, online and in the store.

Child’s name after 2


The app called Baby ‘s Name in 2 is brilliant. In fact, this allows you not to argue with your partner about choosing a name. Joking aside, thanks to its database of over 30,000 names of any origin (so not only Italian, but also foreign names), you can find the most accurate one for a baby or a baby who is about to be born.

Why did I tell you this app is brilliant? Because it allows two or even more lists of names to be entered : for example, one from mom and dad. Then the app will recommend the most suitable one name based on the lists you enter.



Best Pregnancy Android App
Best Pregnancy Android App

Proceed with installing the app via Google Play. Then select the gender of the child and the origin of the name . For example, select Italy to get results for Italian names. Then choose how to display the suggested names and finally choose Start .

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This will begin the first survey . Choose 15 names that you like. Then follow the instructions on the screen to create another profile and ask your partner or friend to do so.

This way, the application will be able to choose common names and suggest the correct one according to your preferences.

This way you can find your child’s name . As for the second names , then, on the other hand, the application supports them, but in the premium version.

Best Pregnancy Android App




After giving birth, the situation is really delicate and debilitating at the same time. As far as nutrition for the baby is concerned, in most cases we will continue to breastfeed him.

To keep your situation under control at all times, you can use the Childcare app . After installation, create a profile for your child . Enter his name, gender, date of birth and (if you like) upload a photo. Then agree to the privacy options and click the New button Child to confirm the creation of a free account.

Then you will see the application control panel. This is a kind of calendar that begins with the event “He was born <name of the child>”. Just click on the bottle icon to enter the time and time for feeding your baby.

You can choose the type of breastfeeding: breastfeeding, formula breastfeeding, baby food, or juice. In case of breastfeeding, you can calculate the timing of each left or right feed using the app timer.

You can also customize the milk volume (ml) and various reminders to remind you when to feed your baby. While you are undoubtedly a caring mom, this feature can be very helpful for you as well as for monitoring your health (indirectly, helping you manage left and right nutrition “in balance”).

You will create a digital archive of the history of feeding, snacks and breastfeeding, which can be viewed at any time by opening the application.


It looks like the Movecoin app is not related to pregnancy. And in fact it is not. But then why did I put it in? Well, this app can encourage you to engage in outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, or walking on the advice of your doctor (always consult with him before doing anything unusual).

Basically, Movecoin allows you to make money by walking . Of course, you shouldn’t expect too much from a financial point of view. However, thanks to this, you can reduce your fixed costs, which, especially with a child, can be significant (for example, through discounts, promotions, vouchers, gift cards, etc.). To see how this works in detail, follow the instructions for building applications that I have already written.


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