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Between education and skill acquisition


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By Glory Thomas


THE importance of education cannot be overemphasised. However,with the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, Nigeria inclusive, it has now become imperative for education to go parri passu with skill acquisition. For any country to grow and develop rapidly in all areas,youths should be made to acquire skills.

For instance, not everyone has the  opportunity or will to have the wherewithal to be educated, but premium should be placed on skill acquisition which is key to  promoting entrepreneurship and eradication of unemployment.

For ages,education has been tagged the “Best Legacy” even in Nigeria. It is however, disappointing  that education still suffers in  the country. Hence,youths hold the view that “School is scam.” What is the essence of being educated and not being employed? What is the essence of attending school for many years if graduates will roam the streets jobless?

The majority of  youths struggled to be certificated, some graduated with distinction, upper credit  and the likes just to become someone in life but what has the certificate provided for them so far? Some have abandoned their dreams and have turned cab drivers, some  okada riders due to unemployment. On the contrary, some refused to go to school and used skill acquired effectively to  become  billionaires. It is baffling if “education is the best legacy.”

Youths who are not ready to go to school or acquire skills resort to crime.Some even believe in buying certificate than working hard for it.Some  have lost interest in education such that their  parents compel them to be educated.To most of them,education no longer has value.

However, for education to be appealing and beneficial, it must be life long, planned, deliberate, sociological, psychological and systematic. There is no doubt, that the benefits of education go beyond having a certificate which is a pointer that  one is educated. It helps the learner to reap and relish development in all facets of life. One who is roundly developed educationally will never be a social enemy or miscreant.

Education is unarguably an essential ingredient of social and personal development  in all areas. In fact, it is a requisite and an undying asset of human society. It is on the basis of this that every human society that values or treasures it ensures that it is held sacrosanct and protected for posterity and progress. Unfortunately, societies that do not know or appear not to know the indispensability of education will always joke with it.

However, it is  high time Nigerians proved this saying that “education is the best legacy” and stop making  youths feels education is scam.



  • Thomas is a Mass Communication student of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa.



Source: The Nation Online

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