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Calabar entertainment industry launches its first web series ‘Brazzier Republic’


The entertainment industry in Calabar, Cross River State, has fully opened its welcoming arms to the idea of web series. Web series are now a thing because people have hopped on the bandwagon due to the commercial success and appeal that they have shone.

With the availability of free online streaming platforms, content creators have taken advantage of this to show off their talents. It has resulted in the growth of web series and Calabar chose not to be left out of the movement.

Over the last 10 years, there has been a change in the film and television scenery in Nigeria. It started with the improvement of film culture as the age of the ‘new’ Nollywood cinema started.

Just like a break out single for a new artist, short films started to come into view and become a sort of talent detector. Somewhere along the line, web series started. According to Wikipedia, web series are a series of scripted or non-scripted videos. Generally in episodic form, released on the internet and part of the web television medium. They are longer than short films, but not like feature films.


The Awaade Creative Theatre is the first production theatre to launch Web series in the city of Calabar and its Entertainment Industry.

The Web Series titled BRAZZIER REPUBLIC is written by Ojoi Igajah and directed by Awade Jacob.

It portrays the day to day activities of tenants in a local “face me I face you” apartment with a landlord who consistently manipulates its tenants with the little dirty secrets he holds against them.

BRAZZIER REPUBLIC shows the struggles of common man trying to survive in a country with a hard economy. Dealing with love, hate, anger, corruption, it aims at correcting the ills of society.

You can hook up with the series on YouTube, two episodes have dropped and already making waves, catch up now to have your own share of edutainment.

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