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China: Coronavirus whistleblower nurse claims 90,000 sick


WUHAN: An unverified video of a nurse with a protective suit and face mask claiming 90,000 people infected by the new coronavirus is going viral.

The unnamed nurse claims she is working in a hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first emerged.

“I am currently at the infected Hankou District in Wuhan. Let me brief you on the current situation of Hubei province and China,” she said.

“What is the infection rate? Without immediate quarantine or effective treatment, one infected person can pass the virus to 14 more nearby. The infection rate is extremely high.”

The nurse’s report has been viewed almost 596,535 times on YouTube.

Watch the full video here:

In the footage, she warns the people to refrain from going out and also made a plea for supplies.


“We don’t care what the government says. I will tell you through social media. Everyone, please donate masks, glasses and clothes to Wuhan.

This claim by a Wuhan nurse (about 100,000 infected) contradicts what the government and the mainstream media reported so far.

A public health expert in the UK concur with the nurses’ assessment, with Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College told The Guardian that his “best guess” was that there were 100,000 affected by the new coronavirus even though there are only 2,000 confirmed cases.

China initially praised for its transparency in managing the situation but critics have now claimed the government is not revealing the true situation and covering-up the matter.

Newspapers were forbidden from reporting and scrubbing the internet of footages that reveal the true situation.

China is struggling to contain a rapidly spreading disease that has sparked global alarm, with countries scrambling to evacuate their citizens from the epicentre of the epidemic.

The fatality in Beijing raises the death toll from the new virus to 82.

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