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Christian Marriage Fairness


Are you looking to return balance to your relationship? Here is an up-to-date report from Christian marriage experts who can help.

Lots of individuals (as many of us often do) ignore or simply forget to obey the basic laws of life. This becomes quite an issue involving Christian marriage fairness.

Initially there is joy, elation, or what seems to be impending and unending happiness. Yet, as time progresses and normal, plus often unexpected events of life unfold… pain, misunderstanding, and suffering tend to replace almost all initial or former ecstasy.

Even as Christians, we still walk this earth as average people, making mistakes along the way. It is mostly part of a dynamic learning process. Yet, a heightened sense of spirituality need be at its core. There are signs and guidelines which God places in our path.

Nonetheless, such symbols do us little good in nurturing Christian marriage fairness lest we choose to acknowledge and implement their solemn benefits into our lives in a consistent and meaningful way.

While covering curative aspects of Christian marital intimacy, you can consider these other related factors.


One of the main troubles that couples often face within Christian marriages today is that of selfishness. Yet, here we are talking about forgetful selfishness – the type that makes a spouse ignore or underestimate the idea that he or she is supposed to be an active member of a team comprising two people. In Christian marriage, we are no longer one – thus the “I” disappears and takes on the new name of “WE.”

In the spirit of restoring Christian marriage fairness, you can conduct a small experiment for yourself. Simply take the time to notice how your spouse speaks. Does he or she constantly use phrases like I WENT HERE, or I WANT THIS, or I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO GO. In other words, is the focus on singular terms, with emphasis upon one individual, rather than the Christian marriage TEAM we speak of earlier in this writing?

Now, in all honesty, your spouse can do the same type of experiment (we often do this anyway, only without the full spiritual knowledge, awareness, and love necessary to make it a productive Christian behavior)… Your spouse can easily notice whether YOU also are using a focus of ONE, rather than a Christian, team-based, partnership. And, the source of that focus ought to have its foundation in Godly LOVE.

Concerning Christian marriage fairness, have you heard of wives who may think of husbands in the following way… Surely, Here Is Yet Another One Of Those Selfish, Egotistical, Macho-Thinking Men Who Is Only Out To Use The Woman For His Own Personal Gain Or Satisfaction?

Certainly, this type of thinking can lead to bad outcomes in almost every ordeal that may arise within marital union.

Although that may be how things stand right now, keep in mind that you can restore Christian marriage fairness with time, practice, and most importantly – Godly loving spirit.

Source by Kenneth Dockins

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