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Christian Marriage Problems – Tips For Healing


Christian marriage problems are not much different than non Christian marriage problems and both require healing at times. There are problems dealing with communication, trust, intimacy etc. and unfortunately, mental, emotional and physical abuse are also problems in a Christian Marriage.

The problems that Christian’s face in their marriage can easily lead to a breakup if they aren’t wise enough to deal with them the right way. Often times, couples find themselves arguing about non important issues and sometimes frustration sets in and small problems become big problems.

One major problem that you will never be able to solve or change is that you are human and not perfect. Therefore, you and your spouse will have problems in your marriage, some little ones and perhaps some big ones. When you do it’s important who, how and when you address the problem and begin to move on.

Here are some tips for healing a Christian Marriage;

  1. Believe and trust God and His Word to help you heal your broken marriage. God wants to help you move forward and not stay still or worse go backwards in your relationship.
  2. Forgive and forget past problems or actions in your marriage that keep you grounded in the past. Don’t let your growth be blocked by your past problems.
  3. Work with your spouse to reconcile any important differences you have in your marriage and remove repetitive actions that you know lead to problems.
  4. Give your best effort to avoid behaviors that result in pain for your spouse.
  5. Don’t hold feelings of anger or contempt toward your spouse for past indiscretions. If you can’t let go of negative feelings you have for your spouse it will be difficult to heal your relationship problems.
  6. Guard who you discuss your marriage problems with and who you rely on for advice. Not everyone is wise and has the right perspective for your marriage. You don’t want to make small problems big ones because of bad advice you receive.

There are ways for you to resolve conflicts, improve your communication, and build a stronger, richer and almost problem free Christian marriage. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems but you should be able to handle them from a Godly perspective and your Christian marriage problems should not be more than together you can’t solve.


God and I want your marriage to succeed. I’m sure prayers for your marriage are being offered up to God and God is in the business of answering prayers.

Source by D P Haynes

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