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COVID-19, 5G MIX-UP: Why Nigerians are worried


Electromagnetic radiation is the new buzz word. Naturally, any mention of ‘radiation’ alarms a random person. It is apparently on this basis a wide claim that the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, has a root in radiations emitting from 5G facilities like base stations and masts has caught the world in awe.

While the world is battling to contain the deadly pandemic which has changed not only the world health, but economic order, a deadly allegation that the fifth-generation network, 5G is behind its spread is brought into the mix, sending wrong signals to both countries that have deployed the revolutionary technology and those striving to do so.

The claims are seriously making the rounds and with social media heightening the effects, a lot of people across the world including Nigerians are worried.

The claims are that the virus started in a 5G smart city in China. It was reported that the first case happened exactly the day mandatory vaccines started in China. According to the claim, the vaccine contained replicating digitised Ribonucleic acid, RNA, which was activated by 60Ghz 5G waves that were just turned on in Wuhan, as well as other countries using 60Ghz 5G; and that incidentally, the acid created smart dust that everyone on the globe has been inhaling through Chemtrails.

The Danger

While the wide misperception of the adverse biological effects of Electromagnetic radiation might divert people’s attention from the real dangers of the pandemic, it is deeply concerning that developing economies like Nigeria, may totally lose the opportunity of using technology to fight such health challenges.

Evolution of Generation networks

Over the years, the world has used about four generations of network; including first, second, third and fourth Generations of telecommunication networks. In other words, telecommunications companies across the world has used 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G telecommunication networks, respectively, to deliver telecommunications services to users across the world.

Each new generation comes with increasingly more efficient telecommunication network performance in terms of the geographical area covered. They also determined the number of devices connected and powered, the speed of uploading and sending or downloading of data over the network which may depend on the amount of data used or processed per second.

For the telcos, the competition has been on the power to usher in or quickly join a new generation of telecommunication because of the capability it evolves.

Telecom engineers also say that new technologies improve their ability to generate and transmit radiofrequency radiation at a higher frequency to create a network with wider coverage and greater efficiency.

For example, while the first, second and third generations of network with all their capabilities came with minimal data speed capabilities, 4G network works which also works on same radiofrequency of 2.5Gigahertz, can power 100,000 devices within a square kilometre.

5G enters the stage

However, the fifth generation network, 5G, will operate at humongous 95 gigahertz and power up to 1 million devices per square kilometre. It will power internet of things and do a lot more.

5G is the new world order considering the transformations it has the capability to user. Internet of everything which is expected to usher a world where people will not only connect with fellow human beings but also with machines, boasts of 5G as backbone. Driverless cars, electric cars and distance medical surgeries which appears impossible are made possible through 5G.


A lot of engineers believe that considering the power and control at the disposal of any country with expertise to develop this network, the temptation to de-market it by other world powers is high.

It may likely be why the conspiracy theory of a network which runs on a spectrum that is considered by experts as safe is being credited to a high radiation and linked to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, scientists are not letting the conspiracy theory stand as it has the capability to disrupt world development.

Electromagnetic radiation

According to a radiologist at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Dave Okorafor,  “ there are about seven different kinds of (natural but also artificially producible) radiations called electromagnetic radiations out of which three – gamma ray, xray and high-frequency ultraviolet ray – are capable of damaging human cells or the DNA in them.

Gamma ray, x-ray and high-high frequency UV radiation are called ionizing radiations because they can change the structure of the smallest unit of matter found in living cells.

By this mechanism, they can cause skin and other kinds of external and internal injuries to the human body. These bodily injuries usually manifest within days to months.

The effects of these radiations can also lead to cancer when normal body cells run mad as a result of damage to or change in the DNA sequence   (or gene) carrying information with which the body is supposed to produce proteins that should regulate the multiplication of the body cells.

“ On the other hand, we also have four other electromagnetic radiations whose energies are not high and strong enough to cause the degree   and kind of biological harm attributable to the three other radiations above.

“These weaker radiations are the visible light (with which we see in the day), infrared, microwave and radio wave. Microwave and radio wave are both called radio frequency (RF) radiation.   Radio wave is the weakest of the electromagnetic radiations because it has a lower frequency range and, as a result, a lower amount of energy.

One unit of it is longer than all of the other radiations and, as such, it cannot easily pass through a lot of materials like metals.

Microwave is a radiofrequency with a higher frequency and higher energy. Similar to radio wave, it is also non-ionizing. This means that both radio wave and microwave cannot cause cancer.

Radio wave has been the electromagnetic radiation used for the conveyance of data in radio and TV broadcasting, wire and wireless telecommunications, wifi and bluetooth communication, among others” he added.

Other experts, including engineers, scientists and international bodies, have also said there is no link whatsoever between 5G, and the coronavirus, COVID-19.

In fact, top five international organisation with requisite expertise to decide on this debate have all described the link of 5G with the COVID-19 pandemic as laughable.   Neither the International Telecommunications Union, ITU, the World Health Organisation, WHO, the International Commission on Non Ionising Radiation Protection, ICNIRP,   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE nor the GSM Association, GSMA will have anything to do with the insinuation.

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