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COVID-19 has humbled rich, prominent dignitaries in Dubai – Avi Koren


Avi Koren, a Dubia based Belgian – Israeli entrepreneur has expressed his views on the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over the world.

According to him, although the emirate of Dubai said on Sunday that it has lifted its full lockdown on two commercial districts which have a large population of low-income migrant workers, after the United Arab Emirates eased nationwide coronavirus curfews over the weekend, the emergence of the virus has humbled all and sundry.

Avi Koren said, “The UAE has so far reported more than 10,300 cases and 76 deaths resulting from the virus, the second-highest count among the six Gulf Arab countries after Saudi Arabia. I really hope this virus isn’t circulated worldwide by people as some people claim. It is really a very scary and sad situation.

Despite what corona virus did to the world, one positive thing came out of it; everyone realised we are all same.

No matter how much money you have, no matter how much easy life is for you, at the end of the day when God decides something, he makes it happen. Hopefully better days will come back and even better than the past. COVID-19 has humbled rich, prominent dignitaries in Dubai. In fact everyone around the world, rich, poor, privileged felt and is still feeling its impact,” he stated.


Also speaking on his assessment of the Dubai business environment, the happily married father of four said, “Dubai is an amazing place with an amazing government who takes care of their citizens and allows everyone to explore and develop their businesses.

I will leave that to the Dubai government to decide if there are other certain things they need to put in place to make environment friendlier to business people

Avi Koren who owns luxury jewelry and high end watches boutiques in Dubai, Hong Kong and Belgium, was born in Israel in 15-07-1984.

He left Israel to live in Belgium, when he was 6 years old, until 2019 when he moved with his family, his wife Rachel and four kids to Dubai.

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