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COVID-19: I’m sorry for my neighbours ― Christabel Egbenya


The lockdown of some States over the Coronavirus pandemic has begun to yield some unpleasant results as some Nigerians have begun to show signs of acute boredom.

All over the social media there have been explosions of all sorts of emotions. Some funny, some ugly, and some outrightly outrageous.


For Nollywood diva, Christabel Egbenya, the ‘stay at home’ order seems to have got on the wrong side of her as she has been exhibiting some behaviors many would consider unneighbourly. She recently posted a video where she took to lonely streets of her estate in Enugu, shouting up and down the streets.

She wails in the video, “They say stay at home, the madness just began. I’m sorry for my neighbors in this estate. Good morning my lovely neighbor. Good morning my IG lovers and happy new month all wishing you all the best,”

Christabel made the video through Tik Tok app. She was in a bathrobe in the video, holding a shovel and packer, like she was set to clean the streets which she never did.

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