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Oh yea!

COVID 19 Why have you made us stay home this long,

Why have you made us distance ourselves from our friends this much,

We should be our brother’s keeper,

We should stay with friends and play with them,

But you came and everything became abnormal,

We will not ignore the good you have done, yea and we have to say thanks

Thanks for making some families know how to stay together, for they hardly have time to be together until now

Thanks for making some people love themselves more, for they don’t know how to live alone until now.

Thanks for making some people clean their houses and wash their hands regularly, for their personal hygiene is damn poor.


But COVID 19,

You should have come in a better way,

A way you don’t have to attach the breath and kill people, for thousands of people are dying daily because of you,

Medical practitioners are getting frustrated because the outbreak is getting out of hand.

Weekdays are no longer the way they used to be, for we no longer rush on Monday morning, no TGIF, no slaying for owanbe, churches are now closed.

Nations are becoming broke because you are too expensive to be taken care of, for they have to become beggers even on twitter.

So many people with their theories, for we know what to believe about you no more. But please, is 5G your mother?

Oh Yea COVID 19

Or maybe you should be called BROTHER COVIK 1-9,

Please, let us be, let us live together with love and not fear as we use to live, let us be able to kiss, hug and shake hands as we use to do, for we will continue to wash our hands and use hand sanitizer.

( a poem by Olayisade Adeola )

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