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Current Cost of Clearing Accidented Cars in Nigeria (January, 2021)


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In the situation where a car has an accident or any other mishap that may damage the vehicle, the insurance company will take repossession of that vehicle and carry out subsequent recovery.  Hoping to recover its costs, the insurance firm will frequently exchange the vehicle to an auto fix organization where the vehicle, truck or SUV is fixed or even remade. In many countries, the following title, ‘accidented or salvage title cars’ on that fixed or remade vehicle is alluded, as a methods for telling future potential purchasers the vehicle has been damaged previously.

Typically, accidented cars are not completely bad, rather they are refurbished and still maintain some quality, despite the incident. Affordability is one factor that characterises such cars, and a good number of people opt for these automobiles. Following this order, let’s take a peek at the cost of clearing this type of purchased cars in the country.


Cost of Clearing Accidented Cars in Nigeria (2021)

Certainly, the cost or expense of clearing a typical vehicle in Nigeria has changed a couple of times all through the long run. So what sum does it cost to clear a vehicle in Nigeria right now? This will help to know the cost of clearing the accidented cars. We will now take a gander at how much is the cost being determined.

The most current finding on the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria includes import duty tariff. When acquiring a vehicle to Nigeria, you need to pay 35% of the vehicle cost as a commitment notwithstanding a 35% charges. Hence, the cost of clearing a vehicle is 70% of the cost of the vehicle. Notwithstanding, this can contrarily influence your spending plan of purchasing the vehicle.

On where to clear cars in Nigeria, the four ports in the country through which vehicles are imported are respectively Tin Can port, Apapa port, and other two ports. The various costs to pay at this line joins the custom charges, the port charges and the clearing officers fee.

Precisely, the four zonal offices to clear vehicles in Nigeria includes the following:

  • Zone A Headquarters, No. 1 Harvey Road, Yaba, Lagos;
  • Zone B Headquarters, Kabala Doki, Kaduna;
  • Zone C Headquarters, Nigeria Ports Authority, Port Harcourt and;
  • Zone D Headquarters, Yelwa Tudu Road, Bauchi State.

These are the four zonal offices of the Nigerian Customs Service. It is at this place you pay the charges for your vehicle’s uncleared status.

Are Accidented Cars Worth Buying?

In case you have knowledge of fixing vehicles, an accidented car purchase can you of your money. Yet, these vehicles purchase accompany critical implications, including these:

  • Financing: One thing about purchasing accidented cars is that banks, auto finance companies, and different moneylenders are hesitant to back these vehicles. That is ordinary since accidented cars don’t have a printed value, thereby making it hard to put a monetary price on the vehicle.
  • Unknown History: These cars has obscure history since they were surely subjected to mishap like accidents.  Buyers do keep down on cashing on these vehicles since they’re uncertain of the vehicle’s history, or don’t completely have the slightest idea how stable the vehicle will be once it takes off.
  • Low Trade-in Value: Owners of accidented cars can hope to confront issues exchanging the vehicle if and when they choose to purchase another car, truck or SUV. Typically, automobile dealers won’t acknowledge these vehicles as exchange, because of the naturally higher danger of experiencing difficulty with the vehicle and offering it to another purchaser.

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That’s the view of the considerations before cashing in on any accidented car.


Accidented cars are often preferable in situation of low budget and easy purchase. These cars are not completely write off, as they also have a good value as the brand new ones. Our article was focused on the cost of clearing accidented cars in Nigeria. It should be noted here that the process of clearing these cars is just the same as normal cars, and same applies to the cost. If you are finally settled for accidented cars, this this write-up is helpful in informing you on how much it cost to get it cleared in the country’s port.

Source: Nigerian Info Pedia

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