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Dream of Seeing Yourself – Meaning and Symbolism



Halfway between strange dreams and nightmare you find yourself dreaming seeing yourself as in a kind of double dimension.

It is not a paranormal event because everything has its interpretation in the dream world. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream seeing yourself.

Some dreams have a difficult interpretation, but all have their explanation. That dream situation in which you see yourself in dreams as in a split does not indicate that you have bipolar disorder, but it can happen that you are not entirely satisfied with the person you are.

Dream of Seeing Yourself – Meaning

Seeing yourself in dreams is a dream that those people have who are not acting according to their values ​​and who are not true to themselves, but rather are led by the criteria of others.

It is a good opportunity to be more independent and start to be more authentic, more as if you really want to be.

Another reason why you can dream seeing yourself is the feeling of guilt. There is something that you are reproaching yourself and you must find out what it is, because that dream is not going to tell you.

What this dream asks of you is that you investigate within yourself to see what is failing and what makes you feel guilty.

This dream experience may seem like a nightmare, but it is not. It is an invitation to introspection, to observe yourself from the outside in a more objective way.

Do not hesitate to take an opportunity that your dreams give you to understand more about yourself.

There are dreams that are not pleasant, but that do not become a nightmare either. This is the case of dreaming of seeing yourself, a most disconcerting and disturbing dream that does not have a negative meaning, but rather speaks of reflection and analysis.

Discover in our dream dictionary all the related meanings of dreaming of seeing yourself in a dream.

It is difficult to find the most accurate interpretation of that dream in which you see yourself because its meaning depends on multiple variants.

What you are doing in the dream, how you feel when you look at yourself or how far apart there is between both personalities in the dream will be what determines the final meaning of this disturbing dream.

On many occasions, this dream in which you see yourself originates from a feeling of guilt. You think you are doing something wrong, that you are hurting someone or that you are not acting according to your values.

That other self that appears in your dream looks at you with a reproachful look as if warning you that he knows perfectly what you are doing and that you cannot deny him.

The meaning of this dream also varies if what you are seeing in the dream you like or not. Maybe you are seeing that person that you really want to be but cannot because of your self-esteem problems.

Alternatively, maybe you do not like what you see at all, so it is time to start changing some things in your life.

In any case, this dream in which you see yourself is a reason for introspection, to observe yourself carefully and get to know yourself better.

What self-censuring attitudes this dream tells you and what other attitudes you applaud or are proud of, too. Pay close attention to that other person you dream of.

Dream of Seeing Yourself – Symbolism

According to many dream researchers, most people have at least three dreams during the night, and in most dreams, they are in the lead role. That is why it is not strange to see yourself as a person in a dream.

Dreams about yourself are quite common. They can be the result of being too self-centered and neglecting others.

On the other hand, such dreams can have the opposite meaning and be a reflection of too much turning to others and neglecting oneself.

Very often, such a dream can be a consequence of some of your daily activities that you just repeat in your sleep, but maybe in a different way.

Dreaming of yourself as a child. If you dreamed that you were a child, such a dream may indicate that your behavior and actions are inappropriate.

Because of your behavior, it can easily happen that you disappoint someone and spoil his or her opinion of you.

That is why people can start moving away from you. This dream is a warning and a warning to pay attention to your behavior, in order to prevent negative consequences. To dream of yourself dead.

The dream in which you dreamed that you were dead is probably an announcement of impending happiness and the possibility of a carefree life very soon.

Dreaming of yourself dying. If you dreamed of dying, such a dream most likely means that your problems will be solved soon and that you can start something again.

Such a dream can also mean that a part of your personality is lost, so it is important to understand which part it is in order to face it in time, if it is something that is important to you.

This kind of dream can also be an announcement of an impending health problem. You may get sick, which will disrupt the stability of your life for a longer period.

A dream can also be an indication of a growing lack of interest in the job, which can lead to you forgetting your obligations and risking losing everything you built yourself.

Dreaming of yourself naked in the mirror. If you saw yourself naked in a mirror in a dream, such a dream can be an announcement of some disease. It can be a disease that you will try to hide from your surroundings.

Dreaming of yourself naked. A dream in which you were naked in front of others can be a sign that you will enter into an illicit relationship, which can embarrass you and destroy your reputation.

Dreaming of killing yourself. The dream in which you killed yourself can be a very good sign for all those who are recovering from an addiction, because it means a conscious effort to overcome the addiction. In a dream, suicide then symbolically represents liberation from that addiction.

This kind of dream can also represent a total conscious transformation of your personality, emotional, psychological, spiritual. It can be a conscious abandonment of old life patterns, in order to make room for new ones.

Dreaming of yourself crying. If you have dreamed of crying, such a dream may indicate that you are currently in a period of some regret and sadness.

The more real and intense the feeling was after you woke up, the more aware you are of a situation that is causing you such feelings.

That dream is probably the way to deceive you to face that situation and to overcome it in the easiest possible way.

Dreaming of drowning. If you have dreamed of watching yourself drowning, such a dream can herald some difficulties. You may encounter some obstacles in life in the near future, which will cause you stress and sadness.

If you drown in a dream in the end, that dream suggests that you may not be able to cope with these problems.

Dreaming of yourself as a baby. If you dreamed that you were a baby, the dream may announce that there may be a transition period in your life. Maybe you are at the end of a relationship, or at the beginning of a new one.

For example, you may be preparing to become a parent. It is important to look at your current situation and anticipate the possibilities for change, so that you are ready when they happen.

Dreaming of yourself fighting with someone. If you dreamed of fighting with someone, such a dream can be an announcement of an event in your life that will catch you unprepared.

It can be something nice, which will be a pleasant surprise for you, or some unpleasant event that can disappoint you a lot.

This dream, on the other hand, can herald some good news that you will receive from a very close person.

To dream of watching yourself applaud someone. If you have dreamed a dream like this, it can mean that you will be interested in someone who is much respected in your circle of acquaintances or colleagues, and you may start a relationship with that person. That connection can bring you greater recognition and respect from colleagues.

To dream of giving birth. If you have observed yourself in a dream while giving birth, such a dream may mean that you have been thinking about changes in your life lately.

Maybe you should look back at your goals and priorities and re-evaluate them. You should see what you are true values ​​are which will help you understand what you really want.

Dream of running alone. A dream in which you ran alone can emphasize your aspiration for good things in life. A dream can be a hint that you will soon gain respect and good positions in society, and even clarity.

To dream of yourself without teeth. If you saw yourself in a dream without teeth, such a dream may announce that you are currently insecure about something. You may not know what to do in a situation, especially if it is about a friend of yours who is ill.

Dreaming of yourself can sometimes seem like a nightmare, because it is incomprehensible that you can see yourself while you perform an action. However, dreaming about yourself is not as bad as you might consider it.

When dreaming about you there is a deep meaning to internalize your actions? You are in a period of reflection and of getting those details that, you do not like or that you can improve. Everything will depend on the actions you are taking during sleep.

In the case of dreaming about yourself in the past, you are reviewing a pending issue, in which there was not total fulfillment. If it is of yourself but in the future, talk about an idealization, projects and things that you hope will happen in the course of time.

Has it ever happened to you that you dream of yourself, raising a current problem or telling a family member about it? It is a clear sign that your problems are in the analysis phase. Your unconscious is looking for solutions and remembering that advice that your loved ones gave you at another time.

This is also another sign that of receiving words from family and friends while you dream of yourself, because you are unconscious is encouraging you, remembering the logic with which they would have helped you resolve the situation you are going through.

Another aspect to take into consideration when dreaming about yourself is the climate that surrounds you: the night is a sign of insecurities, fears, negative hunches; the day is light, hope and optimism.

Cold, rainy or snowy climates mean that you are in a stage of internalization, going through melancholic memories of projects or events that did not materialize.

In the case of the heat, the summer, the fun shows you that you are open to new experiences and that you are willing to take a total risk in this new opportunity that is presented to you.

You will probably agree that dreams are not useless fantasies and a waste of time. They lead us forward, help us overcome obstacles, develop and achieve our goals. This is why dreams need to be taken seriously.


Dreaming of yourself can sometimes seem like a nightmare, because it is incomprehensible that you can see yourself while you perform an action.

However, dreaming about yourself is not as bad as you might consider it.

When dreaming about you there is a deep meaning to internalize your actions? You are in a period of reflection and of getting those details that, you do not like or that you can improve. Everything will depend on the actions you are taking during sleep.


Source: Dream Astro Meanings

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