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How To Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp


Dark mode support is now standard on apps, websites, and operating systems (mobile and PC). With the introduction of this feature, in fact, you can set a black border in the background to make it easier to read at certain times of the day. And if you’re here, it’s probably because you’re wondering how to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode . Fortunately, you have a suitable study guide.

In the article tutorial, I’ll explain what you need to do to enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp. I’ll tell you what procedures allow you to unlock it, and what options allow you to activate it in chats and groups. Ready to start? Then let’s not waste any more time.

How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

Before revealing how you can get WhatsApp dark mode, I want to remind you that at the time of this writing, the option to enable dark mode is not available for all users and not for all devicesAnyway, don’t worry too much, because I will also provide you with third-party methods for your success.

Below, I will introduce all possible procedures to unlock WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android, iOS, Windows 10 and MacOS (WhatsApp Web included). All you have to do is keep reading the in-depth studies according to your needs.

How WhatsApp Dark Mode works

While it is not yet a fully integrated feature of the app, at least at the time of this writing, WhatsApp’s Dark Mode allows the user to control the dark theme regardless of the operating system’s settings.

Unlike the black theme on Instagram, WhatsApp’s dark mode is customizable with a dedicated option in the app’s settings. This will allow you to get this mod even if the operating system does not support it (i.e. on older devices).

The purpose of WhatsApp dark theme is to save phone battery and reduce eye fatigue by effectively lowering screen brightness. When activated, the foreground color changes from white to black, and the text turns white.

Activating dark mode on WhatsApp

To put a black theme on WhatsApp , you must first understand what operating systems this feature is currently supported on in the app. As you already know, you can use WhatsApp on:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • PC

For your computer, there is WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows 10 and MacOS or WhatsApp web platform.

At the time of this writing, some beta versions of iOS and Android apps have an option to enable WA dark mode. On a PC, at least not yet, this feature is not officially supported. But this does not mean that it still cannot be unblocked by third-party methods.

After providing some information related to supporting this feature, it is time to figure out how to proceed. Continue reading according to the device you want to use with this modem. Then follow the procedures described.


To put WhatsApp black on Android , please update the app first to the latest version available through Google Play. No matter what manufacturer your device is, be it Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or others. The operation is the same.

After updating the app, follow the path Other menu> Settings> Chat. In this section, if the app version is correct, just tap the Theme option and set it to Dark or Dark (see WABetaInfo screenshot).

If you still don’t have this feature, don’t despair. You can always change the theme on WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp and set it to black.


Using iPhone to get the dark theme on WhatsApp, you must first update the app via the App Store.

After updating, open WhatsApp and go to Settings . In this section, click “Chat” and then “Subject . ” So choose the “Darkness” option .

Alternatively, if you don’t have Night Mode yet, you can change the theme on WhatsApp using iOS color reverse.


Developing WhatsApp Desktop apps for W10 and macOS is not the same as developing for mobile. Like WA Web, this PC application is independently developed. It would also be useless to try to activate Dark Mode on macOS or Windows 10 to enable Black Mode on WhatsApp respectively. Yes, because this functionality must be supported by the software . At least you would have painted the entire Desktop and all applications compatible with this feature black by now.

How To Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp
How To Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp

But if you want to cheat the official expectation, you can use a WhatsApp Desktop mod called WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode by m4heshd. It is a set of styles that allows you to enable a black theme in your computer instant messaging application. This is not a modified version of WhatsApp (like GBWhatsApp for Android), but an addition to the official desktop version.

The first thing you need to do is download WhatsApp Desktop from the Download WhatsApp page . In fact, this mod is not compatible with the versions of WhatsApp Desktop downloaded from Microsoft or Apple Store.

Once installed, open WhatsApp Desktop and leave the program running in the background. For now, download the WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode file from this address on the GitHub site . Then extract the .zip file and run the executable file called WADark , which is located in the root path of the extracted folder. Wait for the installation process to complete and, like magic, the WhatsApp Desktop chats will be in the dark.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse icon (which appears next to the profile picture) can now be used to switch between light and dark modes .

Curiously, thanks to this mod, you can also install new themes on WhatsApp Desktop . For example, you can set WhatsApp deep black theme and dark telegram theme for WhatsApp conversations . For more information on this topic, see this GitHub repository .


If you often connect to WhatsApp from your computer through a browser, then most likely Chrome will do it . If so, although Dark Mode WhatsApp is not officially available on PC, you can get it using free third-party extensions .

The best free Chrome plugin for this purpose, in my opinion, is Dark Reader . After installation, there is no need to restart your browser to activate it. This way, you can immediately connect to and view the WhatsApp conversations colored in black.

Please note that you can activate / deactivate this extension using the icon that appears next to the URL address bar (top right).

How to manage Dark Mode in WhatsApp.

Now that I have explained how WhatsApp black can be put on smartphone and PC apps, I wanted to explore the possibility of activating / deactivating this feature .

As I told you in the beginning, this chat mod is operating system independent . This way, you can leave all light colors on other applications and operating system screens.

If you would like to disable Dark Mode on WhatsApp if you are using your smartphone , simply select either Light or Clear in the theme settings .

When using WhatsApp Desktop with dark theme mods , you will need to click the button with the night mode icon ( top left).

Instead , you need to disable the Dark Reader extension using your PC browser , or set this function for the website to Off (in case you want to continue using Night Mode on other websites)

At the moment, however, there is no way to automatically set WhatsApp to dark mode, which is at a predetermined time. What instead of this Telegram already allows you to do.


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