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How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram


Instagram is a social network that has only become very popular in Italy in recent years, after it has already spread in the United States. 

It has come to undermine the hegemony of its “text” predecessors: it is characteristic that it revolves entirely around images and video, following the now universal trend in modern communication that prefers this type of content to words. Today, the app associated with this social is available for both iOS and Android and is constantly being updated to offer new services while respecting the overall cleanliness of commands and interface that has always characterized its philosophy.

How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram
How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram

However, the very simplicity and intuitiveness of the application sometimes creates some problems for users. In particular, an unfounded rumor spread that it was impossible to enlarge either the photos or videos posted by contacts on Instagram . It would seem that we also cannot publish photos or videos showing the typical cinematic zoom effect that could be obtained with optical lenses in the past and which still has a big impact on our video footage today. Very often, however, appearances can be deceiving. And with this tutorial I will prove it to you.

How to enlarge an image on Instagram

As I said, on Instagram, you can not only use the zoom without too much effort, but also apply a large number of professional-quality effects, absolutely identical to those used by some very active celebrities on this popular social network. In fact, contrary to what is believed, the synergy between good app design and the high quality cameras found on most smartphones today has achieved remarkable results without the need for external services.

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In any case, for the avoidance of misunderstanding, it should be noted that photographs, videos or other people’s stories, enlarged or cut out, remain the property of the person who created them , as well as integrate the rights associated with the exploitation of images of people (or things) depicted in them. Therefore, always operate at your own risk and respect the intellectual property of the content you own.

Note: I have used and will use scaling anglicism in the tutorial, which is also more common in Italy. However, I know that the most correct term is absorption.

What does increase on Instagram mean.

As you know, Instagram allows you to post photos and videos as posts or stories. Therefore, we have to distinguish between two different possible contexts in which you may need to use the zoom function: the first, of course, concerns other people ‘s messages ; second, instead, the content of your creation that you intend to share with your followers.

This latter capability is enriched by a large number of editing tools that offer the same application, especially in relation to video, including a significant number of very enjoyable and successful “special effects””.

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Now I will show you in detail the various options for enlarging an image on Instagram, pointing out exactly the same gestures that you will need to do in order to get the desired result.

Since Instagram offers its app for both iOS and Android, and they are absolutely identical, my advice will apply to both operating systems. Therefore, I will not make a distinction in the passages described, for this very reason.

It goes without saying, however, that the final image and video quality will depend on the camera installed on your device and, among other things, how the operating system interacts with it. So make sure you have at least the latest version of the Instagram app and your smartphone’s operating system.

How to increase the number of posts from other users


The Instagram app was originally developed for smartphones, imagining widespread use of touchscreen functions. This is one of the reasons why the zoom feature seems confusing to many users.

In fact, to enlarge the photos and videos posted by the people you follow , so from all the posts that appear in the feed, just follow these steps:

  1. Position yourself at the post to zoom in;
  2. Swipe your thumb and forefinger in the opposite direction, i.e. increase media content from the point you want to zoom.
How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram
How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram

As long as you maintain contact with your fingers (you should never disconnect them), the photo or video will be zoomed in to the desired point. In the case of video, for example, playback will continue silently while zooming continues.

I tell you that you can position your fingertips in the center of the photo and zoom them out to the sides, horizontally or vertically, or even take a less limited position: the zoom will be automatic and will adapt to any situation.

How to increase your Instagram Stories

More challenging (but also more fun) is creating content with a zoom effect , which is especially appreciated in videos that are published as stories.

You can access this feature from the home page of the social network by clicking on your profile picture or an interactive button called Your story . If you’ve never created a scene before, you will be prompted to allow the app to access your camera and microphone (otherwise you won’t be able to create content using the app’s built-in Camera function).

After you give permission, you will see a screen very similar to the regular Camera app on your mobile phone, but with a great option: below you will see some options (such as Normal, Boomerang, etc.) ), which are various automatic shooting functions programmed by the developers.

For now , let’s focus on the normal mode, which allows you to create general multimedia content. In this case, to get a photo with a zoom , just swipe your fingers across the screen as I explained earlier, and then take a photo by pressing the capture button .

To zoom in on a video, the procedure is more interactive. First, you should know that on Instagram, “Normal” mode requires you to press and hold the record button to take very short videos used as stories. This means that you can enlarge the Instagram image in two ways, which will give you a slightly different result:

  • The first is to hold the record button with the thumb of one hand while scrolling the screen to zoom in with the fingers of the other hand , as we saw earlier for zooming in on photos. This method, here and there, does not offer maximum magnification, because the presence of three fingers on the screen is rather inconvenient and does not allow for good movement;
  • The second method I recommend is to slide up the same finger that you have to hold on the screen to record without ever detaching it: by pressing it to the limit, you get the maximum possible zoom, and of course, returning to the starting position, you can decrease the magnification.


If you don’t want to keep the button pressed all the time to record a video, consider that if you scroll through the functions that follow “Normal” mode, you will find one that says “No press and hold ”. This function allows you to enlarge the Instagram image without holding down the record button.

To record a video in this mode, simply select it and press the record button once . Immediately after that, you can magnify the image with two fingers , as I have shown, in a much more practical way.


Instagram is known for allowing users to interact creatively with a variety of fun effects that can be applied to photos and videos, some of which can be combined or adapted to the use of zoom.

How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram
How To Enlarge An Image On Instagram

A very nice effect, for example, is the one you get in Instagram Super Zoom mode (you find it by scrolling after the “Normal” mode). In fact, the adjective “super” refers to the effects you can apply to the video you want to make: to do a test, simply select one and hold the record button, so you get a very slow cinematic zoom in relation to the center of the image.

Obviously, you can also apply all of the fingers of the technique I recommended above to Superzoom, although the effect is undoubtedly better by allowing the same application to gradually perform optimal magnification, which is more difficult to achieve without twitching the fingers.

How to expand other people’s Instagram stories.

The Instagram devs didn’t see it fit to let you increase the number of stories other users share , perhaps in line with the nature of this type of post, which was destined to disappear after just one day.

You can still download other people’s content yourself, thanks to some specialized sites, and then edit it by uploading it to Instagram or other video editing apps through your device. However, as I pointed out at the beginning, such an operation should be avoided , as it damages the image and intellectual property rights of the author of the story, and also violates more generally the codes of conduct that social media users must follow.

If you have received permission to perform this operation from a person who has these rights, then, while saving the Instagram story, be sure to indicate in the multimedia content that you are not its author; this is not only appropriate for the reasons we have already discussed, but it also serves to avoid the assumption that another person is hiding behind your account, creating false faith in other users, a situation that should not be created. I also advise to give credit to the author of the original, which looks a bit like the way you save TikTok videos.

Instagram photo and video scaling app

You can enlarge the images saved on the device, even outside of Instagram, and then upload them to an already edited editor. This can be done using the capture capabilities of the operating system, or (better) using free apps and third party software .

A simple method (albeit a bit gruff) is to use your thumb and forefinger (exactly as we have already seen) to zoom in on an image displayed in a photo reel or gallery, and then make a screen : you can use it immediately on Instagram by uploading it to the internal application editor.

Alternatively, you can use a third party editing app . There are a lot of them in the Apple Store (iOS). I recommend Snapseed or Canva for photos , which offers a huge number of features, including one – called “Perspective” – ​​which allows, among other things, to enlarge the detail of the image to your liking, helping you with a handy grid to get an accurate picture of the proportions.

In terms of videos , however, a very popular iOS app that allows you to edit even very complex videos is Crop Video Editor which has both free and paid features. It’s not very easy to use, but you’ll find the zoom feature right away.

If you use a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system , is a great app that allows you to zoom in as the photos and videos – it InShot . Its operation is very intuitive, but in order to find the zoom function, you have to interpret the strange Italian translation of some commands: in fact, it is marked as “Canvas”.

However, to learn more about these apps, I suggest you check out the tutorial on saving Instagram filters. There you will find many other effects and free applications that can be useful in this situation as well.

Now you know how to make the best use of the zoom feature on Instagram. You can use it creatively to take advantage of the endless communication possibilities of this popular social network.


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