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Facebook posts: How To Stop Seeing A Person Posts On Facebook


After you’ve seen a person’s posts or a page for a long time, you may need to take a break. While you don’t want to end your virtual friendship with a topic, or don’t want to stop following the page, you may need to skip their posts in the News section. Perhaps you have a general profile and don’t want your better half to see this content. With this doubt, you were on the Internet looking for a way to avoid seeing someone else’s Facebook posts . And here you are.

In the next tutorial, in fact, I’ll explain in detail what you have to do to make a person’s posts or pages on a social network invisible. I also explain how to restore them if needed in the future. However, I would like to point out that this guide has nothing to do with hiding your messages from other users through the privacy settings of your profile. To do this, use another guide. Having said that, you should just start.

How To Stop Seeing A Person Posts On Facebook

When you are wondering how not to show a person’s posts on your Facebook newsfeed without stopping to follow them, you should first know that it is reversible. Then, at any time, you can reorganize the News section with the posts of the corresponding friend.

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Also, keep in mind that a hidden profile, Page or Group will remain visible in your Facebook profile information. Therefore, if you have a common account with a person, and this person is rather “strange”, you cannot deceive him. Well, let’s get on with it.

Hide messages from Facebook friends


If you’re tired of receiving messages from your Facebook friend in the News section, don’t worry. Regardless of whether you are using a computer, smartphone or tablet, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect to Facebook website or app
  2. From the News section, scroll through the posts until you find something that you no longer want to see in your news feed.
  3. Select the three dots next to the message to display a number of options
  4. Select the option “Pause messages <name> for 30 days” or ” Do not follow <name> again “.

Either way, you will remain friends. The posts of these people will simply be made invisible.

If you cannot find this person’s post, follow the link to their profile. Then select option Follow Already (Follow already), and then choose not the Do follow more (Do not follow more).

Hide messages from Facebook page

Facebook posts: How To Stop Seeing A Person Posts On Facebook
Facebook posts: How To Stop Seeing A Person Posts On Facebook

If you don’t want to see Facebook page posts in your news feed, you can continue as for your friends. In detail, do this:

  1. Find a message in the News section
  2. Select the three dots that you see next to them.
  3. Select “Pause” or ” Don’t follow anymore .”

You will still be a follower of this page, you will not be removed from the “likes”.

If you want to remove the option that shows posts first, connect to the Facebook page ( on its message board). Then click on Page, and then (at the top) and, under “In your news section “, select the ” Default” option .

Hide messages from a Facebook group


If we are talking about not seeing messages from the Facebook group, then go ahead:

  1. Join a Facebook group from your computer or mobile.
  2. Select the dropdown menu
  3. Select the option ” Do not follow the group again “.

In this case, you will remain inside the group, but you will no longer see his messages in the News section. You can only see them if you go inside.

Recover Facebook messages


To restore the display of Facebook messages in the News section , follow the link to the profile, Group, or Page in question.

On the bulletin board , if it’s a Profile or Page , select the Follow option Instead, if it’s a group , expand the Join drop-down menu and select the Next Group option . Basically, you need to trace the profile again.

This way, new posts to be posted from these Facebook accounts will be visible again in your news feed and you can interact with them by liking them or commenting on them.


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