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Facebook Sign Up – How to Sign Up for New Facebook Account |



Facebook is a web-based socializing service provider which aims at helping people connect to each other. The platform offers its services worldwide but has some basic requirements a user needs to have to be able to use its services. One of the requirements that a user needs to carry out to be able to use its services is to carry out the Facebook sign up process.

Facebook Sign Up - How to Sign Up for New Facebook Account |

Facebook sign up is a procedure a user needs to complete or carry out to create a Facebook account. For users to use Facebook services they need a Facebook account. Well, this account can be gotten by simply carrying out the Facebook sign up process on the website. To visit the website and access the sign up option users can use the URL on there web browser or mobile app.

Things To Access After Carrying Out Facebook Sign Up Process

There are lots of things a user will be able to do when they complete the Facebook sign up process. When a user completes the sign up process they will have their own Facebook account username and password. With the account username and password, a user will be able to carry out the Fb login process successfully to access their account on the platform.

Users get their personal account after they carry out the Facebook sign up procedures. Having an account allow users to carry out the following.

  • Add new friends.
  • Receive friend requests.
  • Upload pictures.
  • Personalize their account.
  • Interact and communicate with friends.
  • Use the Facebook Live feature.
  • Access the Facebook help center.

Users get to add new friends by accepting and sending a friend request to other users whom they know or will like to know. This is one of the main reason why a user needs to create an account. When a user makes or meets a new friend they can message and interact with them using the messenger app.

A user who has completed the Facebook Sign up process can personalize their account to what suits them. This is made possible with the tools provided for users who has completed the facebook sign up process. Users can enter details describing them which includes family, education, where they reside, where they come from, relationship and many others.

How To Carry Out The Facebook Sign Up Process

Signing up for an account is very easy, users can carry out the necessary procedure to do so on any device, be it mobile or PC. The sign up page can be accessed on anywhere be it the Facebook app or web page in any device’s web browser. Users can carry out the Facebook sign up process with the following steps.

  1. Open your device web browser.
  2. Type and open the website on the URL field.
  3. Enter your first name and surname.
  4. Enter your correct phone number or email address.
  5. Renter the phone number or email you want to use.
  6. Input a password of your choice.
  7. Select your birthday details.
  8. Choose your gender.
  9. Click the create an account button.

Immediately after the above Facebook sign up steps, users will have to confirm their account. Users can confirm their account entering the code sent to their email or phone number. When the user confirms their newly created account, they will be able to use all the features and services.

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