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Fever, Gandhi hospitals identified for Coronavirus patients


Hyderabad:  A team of astrophysicists, Earth scientists, climate scientists, and biologists, collectively deemed the Multidisciplinary Central Team, visited the various city hospitals on Tuesday and reviewed their isolation wards allotted to those showing Coronavirus symptoms.

Till now two swab samples have been collected from patients admitted at the Fever hospital’s isolation ward in Nallakunta turned out negative for the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV). The health officials initially considered sending the samples of two other patients but decided against it as they did not have symptoms.

The three members of the Multidisciplinary Central Team, the Fever Hospital’s Senior Regional Director and other health officials reviewed the isolation wards at the Fever Hospital and Gandhi Hospital on Tuesday.

According to the hospital’s Superintendent Dr. Shankar, five people were admitted to the isolation ward at Fever Hospital in Nallakunta during the last week.

Samples were then collected from only two of them as they traveled to China, from where the outbreak commenced. Plus, they showed symptoms. Of the other three, two were also returnees from China and the fifth came into close contact with one of them.


All five were discharged on various days.

One of the team members mentioned that measures will be taken to contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV19) in Hyderabad.

However, the Telangana Health Department has directed the hospital’s officials to collect the samples from people who returned from China and are exhibiting symptoms such as colds, coughs, and breathlessness, the team member added. 


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