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Fever hospital creates special ‘Isolation ward’ for Coronavirus


Hyderabad: After an MBBS student from Hyderabad recently returned from China suspected and tested for Coronavirus at the Ronald Ross Institute of Tropical and Communicable Disease, a special “Isolation Ward” for people like him was created.

Also known as the Fever Hospital, the institute’s Special ‘Isolation Ward’s’ function is to test and observe whether the Coronavirus has affected returnees from China.

Dr. K Shankar, superintendent at the Fever Hospital, said, “We have created a special ‘Isolated ward’ where suspected cases of Coronavirus are being isolated. That too, after the Central government and Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) instructed State health officials to track people coming from China. We have tracked such a family in Begumpet in which the son was studying MBBS at Wuhan in China was tested for Coronavirus.”


“Later he was bought to the special ‘Isolated ward’ where tests were conducted and sent to the National Institute of Virology in Pune. After receiving those test results which came out negative, the student was discharged. However, seven of those student’s family members who came into contact with him are also being screened and supervised at the ‘Isolation ward’ at the fever hospital,” adds Dr. K. Shankar.

The Doctor likened the Fever Hospital’s isolation ward to that of a Swine Flu one as that is an air-borne disease.  No other patient is admitted into this ward and healthcare professionals are provided with protective gear such as disposable gowns, masks, and gloves. The staff has been trained to tackle such cases.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also released a helpline number for clinical queries on Coronavirus from the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme officers to connect with state/district surveillance officers. The Coronavirus Helpline Number is 011-2397 8046.


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