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Gazzy: The making of an Afropop star


One such artiste is fast-rising singer Ekama Great, popularly known as Gazzy. He is a fresh face on the Nigerian music scene but he certainly knows his way around the industry. With his highly acclaimed track, “Soldier” dominating the airwaves, and a revolutionary music video shot by the ever-creative TG Omori, Gazzy is definitely on his way up.

Speaking exclusively to , he opens up about his life, record label affiliations and thirst for success.

My name is Great Emmanuel Ekama and Gazzy is my stage name, I’m an Afropop singer/rapper and songwriter, I was born and bred in Nigeria but I attained my BSC in software engineering at Presbyterian University College Ghana. I love making music, dancing, traveling and creating software solutions and I believe my sound is the future of Afrobeat.

My philosophy in life is to work hard and smart trusting in God always.

I started music at a very young age, All my life I’ve been a music lover and making music for me started as a fun thing between myself and my brother Jasonfresh when we would play around sound production software like fruity loops on my mums laptop using gaming headphones as our microphone for recording in our garage. I took it professionally in 2018 when I dropped my first official single Felaway While in the university.

I’m signed to Mimikay Records label owned by Akpososo Oghenekaro, a Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and chairman /CEO Mimikay Groups & Mimikay oil & Gas PLC. He is very invested in the entertainment industry and we have a very good understanding.

My sound is inspired by Emotions and Reality. what I feel and the things I see around and relate with inspires my sound.


“Soldier” is a song that depicts me as a hero of love, from the lyrical content to the visual delivery its shows I am ready to do anything for the woman I’m after. The song reflects a lot about my personality because I believe in love, it’s my responsibility to protect, provide and ensure the wellness of my partner, so I had to translate all that into a song.

The response has been amazing from fans and the streaming numbers have been quite impressive with almost 200k streams across all platforms within a month.

I believe in the power of music as a powerful tool for communication and I intend to use this medium to spread good vibes and promote technological growth in Africa through afrobeat which would translate into a better life and experience for afrobeat lovers.

Afrobeat has become a global trend and I believe Nigeria has what it takes to keep this sensation going because our entertainment industry is now more exposed to the global market and we are constantly challenging the status quo.

My dream collaboration would be with Kanye West.

My most passionate moment in music was when I performed on the same stage with the likes of Sarkodie, Stoneboy and other Top Ghanaian artists at Bliss on the hill festival in December 2018 and it was a total shutdown, that moment was like an affirmation for me.

Yes I have upcoming projects and a couple of features too, I have an EP coming and every single sound is exceptional trust me.


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