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Genetic expert claims solution to deaths from COVID-19 pandemic


Genetic expert claims solution to deaths from COVID-19 pandemic


A genetic expert, Prof Cyril Otoikhian, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Novena University, Ogume, Delta State, Wednesday, claimed to have a solution to deaths from resulting the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

Otoikhian made the claim on a television programme, while explaining the origin of the devastating virus.

He also asserted that COVID-19 is a chemical substance prepared in a lab to wipe out human race.

According to him transmission of the alleged chemical substance is basically through the nose, because it is a respiratory warfare and does not pass through the mouth or the eye as reported by some medical professionals.

He added that because of the enzymes, saliva and secretions in the mouth weakens the alleged chemical substance, which he advised people to buy a certified nose-guard.

Also in his claim sneezing and coughing as mode of transmitting the disease is not possible from human to human, which he said all his claims are supported with scientific facts.

He said: “I classify COVID-19 as scam and fraud and those who are saddled with the responsibility to take care of human health are not telling us the truth about COVID-19.

“However, I want to assure the world today that very soon COVID-19 will come to pass. The number of deaths and infections from COVID-19 are increasing will continue to increase.

“COVID-19 is not a virus in the sense that if you look at it as a living thing. It is a bio-chemical warfare. Somebody produced something poisonous in the lab and now is affecting people around the globe.

“I still maintain that ground today, and that is why number of deaths are increasing and number of cases are positive. But I was not there when they prepared the chemical. I was sleeping in the night allowed my instinct to give me an insight toward what that person was thinking and what that person has done.

“They said a Professor was arrested in America and if that was true why didn’t they ask him what did you do? But I asked myself and I had a clue that even you ask that Professor wherever he has gone, where they sat together in that conspiracy to prepare that chemical against humans there could be betrayal and himself could carry some chips that could make him not remember what he did.


“At that point I asked God and said you made man in your own image, I need the solution and I want to get it. Prof Cyril has the cure to that chemical that was produced in that lab and when I give it out and they implement it you will see that death will stop.”

According to him information people need to know about COVID-19 is hidden by those who are managing those who test positive to COVID-19, if not the bodies of those who were killed by the infection supposed to be submitted for pathologists to carry out analysis and ascertain what is responsible for their death.

“If you say a disease killed somebody bring the body, invite scientists, let them look at it, let them carry out several analysis and they will be able to have a clue on what has killed the person. But till date that is not done.

“I also mentioned that if you know the sources of disease pandemic it gives you a clue to a solution in the sense that for the fact that that thing was produced in the lab by a human being is manmade, there is a code and when we known that code we will be able to produce an antidote to neutralize it”, he stated.

However, he also queried that nobody has being able to ask President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, over some of his recent statements on COVID-19.

“In science we believe that if people sit down you should be able to draw a conclusion.  President Trump said the world is paying for what China has done and nobody has asked him what perception do you have about that, what did you do with China people or what did he do against China people? Then he came out again to say World Health Organisation and China are hiding information about COVID-19.

“Outside human comprehension we have done a lot of research, cried to God and answer has come and that answer today will erase that thing killing the human race.

According to him comments of some people, for example Melinda Gate, allegedly said she sees African countries in the nearest future of COVID-19 littered with dead bodies and is true because people will continue to die.

“When you know the source and finds an antidote to it and you stop it. But I want to give the world hope again that the virus is not living but it is a substance. Very soon I will give it a challenge to those who have underrated Africa.

“Prof Lumba said Africa is not respected because they feel nothing good can come from Africa. That is why they invite our leaders over lunch and it ends there.

“The whole of this thing is conspiracy against man and God has gotten that challenge. Let me promise the whole world that I will soon and given instruction to the  World Health Organisation to invite me and my good friend, Prof Josiah Adjene by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“And I will ask President Buhari to invite President of America, Donald Trump, while I give solution to the death across the world in COVID-19, and COVID-19 is a chemical substance and it’s easy to tackle. We will get there, so let everybody keep it behind their mind that the solution has come”, he stated.

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