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Getting equipped for higher education



By Fortune Amaechi


The importance of a quality education cannot be overemphasised. It enhances one’s ability to read and write, imbues  one with a skill to thrive in any chosen career, and helps in eradicating illiteracy and poverty, among others.

However, just as a student gradually transits from algebra to geometry, to trigonometry and then to calculus, it is the same way a student gradually transits from primary school to junior secondary, to senior secondary and then to the university,  but what really matters is the quality of education that transits with him/her.

Anyone can be given admission into the university but the question is, are they well equipped academically, mentally, psychologically, socially and financially? — a begging question that must be well answered before one proceeds to  tertiary institution.

An extensive research has shown that a number of factors have led to students being lackadaisical about their choice of career in the university, students dropping out of the university, students constituting nuisance to the school and host community, among others.

However, in as much as we need to consider the importance of a solid foundation in the secondary school before progressing to the higher institution, it is also imperative that we evaluate factors that give rise to a shaky academic foundation.

Therefore, some of the factors include pressure from parents on choice of career, financial problem, poor mentorship, and truancy.

Proper counselling is quite important. A  growing child and progressing pupil should be enlightened on the importance of setting their priorities right and being focused, especially before entering the university. It is also necessary to educate such pupil on the importance of moral values and decision making.

Although some schools do not make adequate preparations for this while some have under-qualified persons. The problem is that some pupils do not take counselling and mentorship seriously.

Nevertheless, a fresh undergraduate with a solid foundation has no problem adapting quickly to his courses.There is an easy assimilation of courses because of the right subject combination.

Also, he/she turns out to be a well-baked graduate and thoroughbred professional in his/her chosen career, thereby becoming an inspiration and role model to younger ones.

As they say, “Charity begins at home”, hence parents and guardians are to ensure their children are guided even from a tender age into studying what they have passion for because that is where they will be able to perform in full capacity. Parents should not influence their wards on choice of career.

Also,  management of secondary schools should ensure a solid foundation for students as they help build their intellectual capacity, whether they are in the art, commercial or science class. They should make adequate  provision to further enhance  students’ growth.

Students awaiting admission should be diligent in their studies as it would really help them to perform very well when they get to a higher institution. Transiting from a lower academic cadre to higher one requires a solid foundation.


  • Amaechi is a 300-Level student of Abia State University (ABSU).

Source: The Nation Online

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