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Gmail Inbox – How to Access My Google Gmail inbox Mail Account | Gmail inbox Login



How do I access my Gmail inbox login message OR G mailing archived emails? On the contrary, inbox by Gmail is another feature create for users to access all their messages send or receive messages all over the world. Meanwhile, Gmail inbox can be access only if you sign in your goggle Gmail account either on mobile or online. Besides, it’s consisted of many features where users can also view archive Gmail once they are able to know how to find archived emails in google Gmail inbox is available across all mobile devices such as Android, iOS, web, and desktop devices. In which it’s allows you to call a friend without logging out your mail inbox account. They have been lots of changes in Gmail inbox. Where all your received mails are stored. This is as a result of improving better and easy to locate email. This redesign was done to improve the arrangement system on various category of email in order of types and platform.

Gmail Inbox - How to Access My Google Gmail inbox Mail Account | Gmail inbox Login

Furthermore, google mail promise to improve their emailing productivities by offering serval amazing features. Which by accessing the it enables users to learn and explore more on it. Also, updated of its services allows users to enabled an undo send feature. Features of inbox by Gmail scan users incoming Gmail message for information. It’s buddled all emails related to each other named with a title describing the bundle content. Gmail inbox new design allows users to easily access email quickly. These new features are well organized with tabs where a user can easily locate various email messages. The is unlike the regular inbox of other mailing services like yahoomail where all messages are in one tab. Both social and non-social are all in one tab.

Features of Gmail Inbox New interface and Tabs 

The New Gmail inbox now has a well redefine tab for store various category of email messages. The essence of this new features is to classify emails, not in size or important. It’s base on their type. In Gmail inbox emails are classified into five tabs.

  1. Primary.
  2. Social.
  3. Promotions.
  4. Updates.
  5. Forums.

This interface is where all email messages are displayed in various tab. There are only five tabs available, each one has various type of email messages that they store. Let’s take a look at each tab.


This is the very first tab that holds all important messages. This is usually messages sent to you from family, friends and loved ones on Gmail inbox.


This is the second tab that has all email messages from all your favorite social media website. Such as media sharing, online dating site and lots more. This tab doesn’t save important messages from family and friend.


This is the third tab that has email messages of deals, offers and other promotional messages on your inbox. Only the promotional category of emails is in this tab.


This is the fourth tab that has all email messages that has to do with confirmation notification. This is email messages such as email verification message, receipts, bills and other statements.


This is the last tab that has to do with all messages from online groups, discussion forums and mailing lists will be shown on this tab.

A user can easily customize the tab interface of Gmail inbox. By hiding all unwanted tabs from showing. A user can also activate the tabs they need from all five tabs. There are also other unique features whereby user can easily move email messages between tab. With just drag and drop the email message in a specific tab.

How do I log into my Gmail Mail Inbox Account

On the contrary, this is an easy steps to process but for only users with existing account. Meanwhile, sign in to your Gmail inbox account consist of your username or email & Password used for creating account. To login your account on web or Mobile devices and desktop kindly visit While for mobile you can access your Gmail app which has been download from your apple store or play store. Locate the login icons and impute all your Sign in details to access your Gmail inbox message.

How to Active and Deactivate Tabs in Gmail Inbox

As a user, you have to login to your account in other to be able to access all settings in your inbox. You can read our Gmail login tips on how to login.

  1. To active, any tab on your inbox click on Add icon just after the last tab in your inbox.
  2. Here is a new window where you get to see a list of all five tabs that are available on Gmail inbox.
  3. Select the tabs you want to be displayed (check the boxes) and click save.

When you have successfully saved this setting all sleeted tabs we now be visible in your Gmail inbox. You can also disable tabs from showing by unchecking the boxes from the setting. These features are also available for app on android and iPhone.

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