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God commanded me to shoot the movie,‘Our Jesus Story’ — OJ


Several years after he took a break from Nollywood to concentrate on his other business empire,  front-line filmmaker, Ojiofor Ezeanyanche, has staged a comeback to the movie industry.

OJ, as he’s fondly called by his colleagues is returning to the industry with his faith based-comeback movie titled, “ Our Jesus Story.”

The veteran filmmaker, who’s know for producing early movies such as “Deadly Passion”, “Igodo”, “Blood Money”, “Ashes to Ashes” , “Only Love”, “Egg of Life”, “My Love”, “Two Rats” among others said he had the vision to make the movie about 10 years ago.

According to him,  while a script was written, he couldn’t make the movie then. This was around the time he took a break from the industry.

OJ said his decision to return to the industry was prompted by the constant urge to make this particularly movie “Our Jesus Story” despite abandoning it for so long.

“ I’ve had  this story in my mind for over a decade ago, even got it scripted at a point but I was waiting for the right time so I can devout all attention necessary to bring it to life because it’s more like a command from God.”

This is not just an ordinary movie, I’m positive your life does not remain the same. I believe people will receive miracles and truly experience the power of Jesus and his love for us.


While he away doing other things, OJ said there was always this ‘Divine calling’  for him to make this film. “This became a burden that I could no longer ignore,” he added.

“Our Jesus Story’, according to OJ,   is an African expression of the story of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Making this film is beyond entertainment for OJ.

“It is Divine Fulfillment of a burden that has been in his Heart all these years. This is a very bold step on its own, considering the fact that the story is not fiction_a story everyone who has read the Bible or not, is familiar with. The creativity in weaving an African story out of this,  tells you more about the man called OJ and OJ Production,” he said.

OJ was a multi-millionaire who made all his money from film making during the early days of Nollywood. He has to his credits, films like “Ashes to Ashes”, “Only Love”, “Egg of Life”, “My Love”, “Two Rats” and many more Hit movies which his Company became known for.

OJ is a passionate and consummate producer, whose love for quality in storytelling and production, is second to none.

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