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Good game, Cupcake! Vi from ‘Arcane’ officially joins ‘Fortnite’


Epic Games has just announced that Vi from Arcane will become available for purchase later today as an individual skin and a larger bundle on Fortnite, joining her sister Jinx who made her debut back in November.

Turning into a Fortnite skin is the fate of almost every big pop culture figure, regardless of their standing or affiliation. Whether we’re talking about a protagonist like Spider-Man or a supervillain like The Mad Titan himself, they’ll all eventually find themselves competing across the expansive maps of the most popular Battle Royal video game in the world. The latest character to receive this honorary position is everyone’s favorite brawler, Vi.


After the excitement that the red-headed Arcane character was making its way to the eponymous game, Epic Games confirmed today that Vi will indeed become available as a skin, but you can also invest in a larger bundle that includes the Piltover Warden Hammer and a funny emote where Vi brags about her boxing chops. What’s more, if you buy the complete bundle, you’ll get a loading screen that features both Vi and Jinx.

Epic Games Store has also made it known that Jinx will once again become purchasable for everyone who missed her debut in November. She, too, comes with an additional package that includes a number of perks like the Pow Pow Crusher Pickaxe and a unique loading screen that features the two sisters. This time, the screen will be sprayed Jinx-style.

You can access these bundles today at 7 pm EST or 4 pm PDT.

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