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Goojara Movies: How to Download and Watch Movies on GooJara for Free


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Entertainment is a form of activity that gives pleasure and delight to an audience. It usually holds the attention and interest of the viewer. When it comes to movies, TV series and anime, they aren’t many places to visit for such entertainment better than Goojara.

It is an entertainment website that features the latest and trending movies, TV shows and anime. Here, we’ll be discussing how to download and watch movies and anime on GooJara for free. Yes, you heard that right, everything is free on this website.

Goojara Overview

How to Download and Watch Movies and Anime on GooJara 2

Like I said in the introduction, Goojara is an entertainment website or platform where one can get to watch or download their favourite movies, TV series and anime. Most platforms out there, charge a fee to stream their content or have a subscription plan tabled out, that’s not the case with Goojara. All you need to stream or use Goojara is to have a good and fast internet connection.

Goojara’s directory/archive is also great, featuring movies, TV shows and anime that dates back 19 years ago or more. The platform uploads TV series contents immediately they air and movies once they drop. You won’t find that many websites on the internet with that fast upload of movie contents. Every TV series that is uploaded comes with a season and episodes tag alongside it. At the right side of every upload is the video quality they are in, such as HDTV, 1080p, 720p, HDR, DVD e.t.c.

Features of Goojara

After an overview of this entertainment platform, let’s look at its features below;

  1. Search Bar: Once you visit the website, at the top right corner is a search bar. This feature is very important cause not all TV shows, movies or anime can be seen on the homepage. You can easily search for any anime, movies or TV series you have in mind to watch, stream or download. Just type in the name of the content you want and press enter. The system will show you a list of results based on the keyword(s) you entered.
  2. User’s Request Content: Goojara listens to their audience and fan’s needs. You can request for movie, TV series or anime to be uploaded to the platform. Yes, you heard that right, after searching through their archive, and you can’t find your preferred content to watch, just drop a comment telling them to upload the said content. Within a period of time, the content will be uploaded.
  3. Picture-In-Picture Mode: When streaming contents on Goojara, you can use the treading picture-in-picture mode. This mode allows you to keep streaming the content while also doing something else on your device. The stream gets smaller in this mode, and occupies just a fraction of your device’s screen, enabling you to multitask. The mode is getting popular on all apps and sites on the internet.

How to Watch or Stream Movies & Anime on GooJara for Free

Below is how you can watch movies, TV series and anime on GooJara for free;

  • On your web browser, visit the web portal ( It is advisable you use a good web browser like Google Chrome browser.
  • Find your preferred content you wish to watch. If you don’t see it on the homepage, use the search option. Click on the content, which will take you straight to its page.
  • Wait for the video player to load, you’ll see a blue video icon, click on it and the content will start streaming.
  • Since most movies are usually two hours long, you can use the picture-in-picture mode any time you want to multitask on your device or computer.

How to Download Movies & Anime on GooJara for Free

In case you don’t want to stream movies directly on GooJara, you can download it. To do this, simply follow the steps below;

  • Visit the web portal ( on a good web browser like Google Chrome from a computer. If you’re a mobile user, switch to the desktop version of the web portal on Google Chrome.
  • Find your preferred movie you wish to download. Use the search option if you don’t see the movie on the homepage. Then click on the content.
  • You’ll need to start the streaming first before you can download the movie. So once, the video player loads, press the blue play icon. Pause the video immediately it starts streaming.
  • At the top left corner, you’ll see a blue download button. Click on it and the movie will start downloading to your device.

GooJara is one of the best streaming platform out there for movies right now. This is everything you need to know on how to download and watch movies & anime on GooJara for free.

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