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Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy



Birthday wishes for baby boy serve as a reminder of love for him; Kids act on emotion and memories such as birthdays and other notable events sticks for a long time, if not for a lifetime, so we should guide against being remembered as the uncaring adult who is less concerned about other people’s happiness but instead builds a strong bond with the kids in our life by showing them affection and undissolved love through our actions.

Happy birthday to the cutest baby boy

A message might seem irrelevant and straightforward to us, but it has a significant effect on the receiver, it shows that the recipient is essential and useful, so endeavor to choose from our list of messages and send to a baby boy celebrant to make him feel happy on his birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother

  • There is nothing more significant than a mother’s love for her offspring. Therefore, I promise to protect my little prince until my dying days. Happy Birthday.
  • I am happy to be among the few lucky mothers to have a baby boy, as your clock a year older, I promise to be always there for you and make you happy.
  • A lion will exhibit its traits irrespective of its environment; you are a few years old bits like your mom I can see the potentials of a great leader in you.
  • To a mother, few moments compares to her baby boy’s birthday, the joy of parenthood and being responsible for life is next to no other. I love you baby boy. Happy Birthday.
  • Sons are integral to every woman as daughters; I feel so excited that my boy is a year older. I look forward to seeing you become an epitome of envy to your peers.

Happy birthday with baby holding balloon

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Father

  • Happy Birthday, my dream finally came true the day I had you as my son, people say that you are my replica and your looks and behavior justifies it.
  • Being a father is good but having a son like you is better. I celebrate your birthday with utmost excitement and gratefulness for a rare gift as you.
  • Always remember that as long as I am alive, I will always love you as a son and do everything manly possible to make your life comfortable. Happy Birthday.
  • Unmediated favor is what I enjoyed a few years back when my wife conceived you; I am proud that you are my son and it is your birthday.
  • Wonders will never end in my little Prince’s life that is my birthday message from a delighted father who takes pride in his fantastic offspring.

Funny Birthday Messages for Baby Boy

  • Happy Birthday baby boy, remember that age increases and never decreases, so birthdays is not to celebrate you but to remind you of your demise.
  • As a special baby boy, I made you a magical cake that only the fire service can put off its candles. I cannot wait to burn the whole house down in your name.
  • Birthdays are amazing; you get the opportunity of eating all you want, you also get to purge the next day from too much sweet and candies.
  • I planned to get today’s birthday boy a present that is precious and costly for your birthday then I remembered that you already have me.
  • Happy Birthday baby boy, I wish you grew old until the candles on your cake are like a bonfire. Have fun and enjoy the 24 hours of fame.

Being a father is good but having a son like you is better. I celebrate your birthday with utmost excitement and gratefulness for a rare gift as you.

Short Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest baby boy, you grow more handsome by every passing day, you are surely a future Candidate for Mr. World.
  • My little prince charming is 365 days older; your birthday holds much importance to the family and me.
  • You are a special baby boy who I pray for every passing day, may your new age be the start of a greater future.
  • Within a few years of your birth, you cemented your place in everybody’s heart as a loving and cheerful boy. We all love your birthday.
  • If all wishes come true, I would want every day to be your birthday because you are a baby boy that we all hold in high esteem.

I am happy to be among the few lucky mothers to have a baby boy, as your clock a year older, I promise to be always there for you and make you happy.

First Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • Happy Birthday to the world best one-year-old baby boy, I look forward to spending years that are more positive with you on the surface of the planet.
  • Hurry because my favorite baby boy is one year old today, the young will surely grow, and I am confident that you will be one of the best. Happy 1st Birthday baby.
  • The early years of a child are one of the most delicate and uncertain of their lifetime; I am happy that my young man is one; you have a hundred more years ahead.
  • My little hunk is one year old, and I am so glad for the achievement because not all babies made it to the delivery room let alone adding a year.
  • I will never forget this day for a very long time; your first birthday is spectacular because you look as strong and healthy as other older boys do.

Second Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • Time flies faster than the American airline; it seems like it was yesterday that we celebrated your first birthday and you are two already. Happy 2nd Birthday baby.
  • Second birthdays are more important than the first because the celebrant can enjoy the day with full awareness of the lovely gestures. Enjoy your day little prince.
  • I wish on you long life and prosperity on your 2nd birthday celebration. It will be so cute to see you dressed like your favorite cartoon male character.
  • My boy is two years old today, and it is worth celebrating in a grand style. We will have fun until dusk with a lot of Candy’s and goodies for everyone.
  • I cannot remember how I spent my 2nd birthday, so I intend making today one that will linger in our memories forever. I will be coming with a camcorder.

Third Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • In life, having a great son is a significant achievement, and you are the perfect example of a legend in the making despite being just three years old today. Have a beautiful day.
  • I envy your parents on your birthday for a job well done; your intellect surpasses that of three years old boy, I hope you keep moving at this pace.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonder baby boy, I always dream of how prolific you will be when you are much older, you seem to get everything right at just three.
  • Life does not get better than this for a young boy; your 3rd birthday is a tip of better things to happen in your life so ensure you eat and drink as much as you can.
  • You have to know a boy like you is a real opportunity from God. Therefore, I will nature and cherish you on your birthday and beyond. Happy 3rd Birthday.

Fourth Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • I studied you for the last four years until today your birthday and concluded that you might not be a doctor or professor, but you will surely excel in your endeavors.
  • You are commendable for successfully clocking four years of age today; today has many goodies for a good boy like you so enjoy while it lasts.
  • I wish on you my fast growing boy all the right things of the heavens and the earth on your Fourth birthday; today is your day. Happy 4th Birthday.
  • Young man, I am sending you this colorful fourth birthday wishes from the innermost part of my heart so you can know that I genuinely care and adore you.
  • A male child is dear and holds more value if mannerly and sweet; I congratulate you on the success of your fourth birthday celebration.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

  • You still have a lot of years to fulfill your dreams despite your new age so be relaxed and have fun.
  • To our golden boy on his special day, Life is filled with many treasures and the greatest of all is you. Happy birthday to you!


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