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Here are the best gifts for ‘Zelda’ fans


If you’re finding that buying a present for the Legend of Zelda fan in your life is difficult, fear not. You won’t have to beat any Water Temples to access this list of exciting gifts. 

Zelda’s been captivating players since the first action-adventure game appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. Since then, plucky Link has appeared in 19 main games and several spin-offs on various Nintendo consoles. The series has become known for pushing gameplay limits and repeatedly setting a new bar for action RPGs.

Its blend of combat, fantasy, quirkiness, and horror has endeared it to many fans and earned a few of its titles the accolade of being among the greatest video games of all time. Each installment pitches incarnations of intrepid adventurer Link through a familiar and yet unfamiliar Hyrule, battling evil to save his and Zelda’s homeland from the forces of darkness. Zelda fans are used to thematic changes, from the flying of Skyward Sword to the wave-riding of Wind Waker, train travel of Spirit Tracks and the werewolf twist of Twilight Princess.

As you might expect, there’s a range of gifts available inspired by the series and appealing to fans of all ages in the year of the series’ 35th anniversary. We don’t think tracking down the right gift for a video game fan should be as impossible as finding the Triforce in The Ocarina of Time, so we’ve put together a list of the best Zelda gifts for you.

This deluxe slipcase is dedicated to the game released on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles in 1997. It deserves attention, as it still ranks as one of the best-regarded in the series’ history


This volume is perfect for any Breath of the Wild devotee, featuring artwork, commentary, in-game history, an art print, and a cloth-printed map of Hyrule.

Wind Waker‘s cel-shaded design was eye-catching but divided the fans. The gameplay mechanics that had Link sailing above a submerged Hyrule and fishing for treasure was endlessly entertaining, but the graphics of the GameCube console release were considered a bit too childlike. That said, they’re perfect for a plush. Cute and colorful, this soft fabric doll comes in at 12″ tall.

Just what every adventurer needs when they’re not fighting off Chuchu. Wrapped in four 8-bit scenes of Link’s quests, this notebook’s cover has icons of the pixelated hero and the fabled Master Sword. Its thick ivory pages can double up as a diary or notebook and be customized with a set of themed stickers. Perfect for a pixel-loving friend.

If you’re buying for a Zelda fan of the future, this is the cutest solution. Suitable for babies and toddlers, it features Link’s colorful tunic at the front and, of course, a Hylian shield at the back. Adjustable, waterproof, and with a catch-all pocket, this should cover the bases for many young adventurers.

Since the first game had Kōji Kondō’s 8-bit “Overworld Theme” accompany Link’s journeys overland, music has been an essential part of the Zelda experience. What better gift for a fan of the series than a wooden music box that can take them straight to Hyrule at the spin of a crank?

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