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Here Is Why You Should Soak Your Fruits Before Eating Them


When we buy fruits, the first thing we do before eating them is to wash them. This healthy approach is common to many and not just with fruits but other food items. But when it comes to the regular pattern of washing fruits before consumption, did you know that there is a plus side to not just washing but soaking your fruits in water? Let us make a quick dive to discover why this is. 

Most fruits and vegetables have thermogenic properties that help in the increase of metabolism and burning calories to utilise the ingested fruits by converting the calories to heat. As a result,  these thermogenic elements in fruits affect the way the body functions. 

Now when fruits are soaked in water, this helps to reduce the heating element in them which is called “taasir”. When this is done, it helps to reduce side effects like constipation and skin problems, headaches, and diarrhea. 

Unfortunately, from the first stage, everything is contaminated with the intention to protect insects from raiding through the use of pesticides. The use of pesticides can harm the pest and worse off,  can harm humans. According to experts, this exposure results in complications like nausea, respiratory irritation, skin, and eye allergy, and more. They believe that washing these fruits under running water is not sufficient and should be soaked for 3-4 hours before consumption. 

A nutritionist, Zubeda Tumbi, says that soaking fruits in water before eating them will assist the sulphites used during the preservation to be removed from their surface; some even suggest soaking them overnight. 


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Numerous fruits produce heat in the body. Health experts note that fruits like watermelon, papaya and mango produce heat in the body. This heat will intensify the presence of “taasir” in fruits. Thus, experts say that heat created may affect the digestive system making reactions like skin infections and diarrhoea plausible. 

Moreso, soaking the fruits in water reduces “taasir” which then makes it safe for the body. 

With these practices, your digestive system and skin will love you. 


Source: The Guardian

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