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Here’s a look at the ‘Dead by Daylight’ X ‘Attack on Titan’ crossover


Dead by Daylight continues to add new killers and survivors from popular film and TV series, and today it was revealed that an upcoming addition will come from the massively popular anime Attack on Titan.

During the game’s sixth anniversary presentation the team shared news about the game’s first anime crossover, which will include outfits for multiple survivors and a killer. The two survivor outfits are based on the anime’s main character, Eren Yeager, and Survey Corps’ commander, Zoe Hange.

Eren’s outfit is for the Dead by Daylight character, Dwight, and the team explained this choice was made as they both share hero-like traits. While only concept art has been shown, it seems this look will simply put the character in vertical maneuvering equipment.


Hange will be an outfit available for Zarina and the new look provides the character with a Survey Corps uniform and signature eyepatch. Similar to their choice for Eren, Zarina was picked for Hange as they’re both skilled scientists and inquisitive investigators.

The Armored Titan is the new killer outfit joining the game. This look will be available for Oni, and see the character adopt the signature appearance of this character along with using its crystal hardening skill for rage mode and a weapon.

While fans may be eager to try these new looks out for themselves, it isn’t clear when they will be added to the game, as right now the only glimpses shown have been from this concept art.

Fans can expect this collaboration and many others to launch in Dead by Daylight during 2022.

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