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How agile practices accelerate business delivery


STAKEHOLDERS in agile practice have challenged Nigerian companies and organisations to align their processes to agile practice, in order to gain traction, retain customers and compete globally.

Agile practice is a process that helps organisations navigate complexities by removing all bureaucracies in achieving tasks.

At the third Agile Nigeria conference held in Lagos recently, Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute, Mr. Evan Leybourn, said companies need to be agile, innovative, dynamic and perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets.

He said: “Organisations of every size are struggling to remain relevant to their customers and to wider society. Customers are better informed and their expectations are mounting all the time. Employees demand more clarity, empowerment and meaning in their work.

It is only high-performing, adaptable and agile organisations that will thrive in this unpredictable market.”


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He added that if companies must stand the test of time, its focus must not be how to make money but how to retain customers.

Leybourn said: “If you want to succeed, your focus must not be how to make money, because if you focus on making money, you will make less money. But if you focus on customers, you will make more money. If you make money, it is indicator of customers’ happiness.”

Another agile expert, MD at Caleb Consultant, United Kingdom, Ady Dike, who spoke on ‘Unlocking organisational agility by creating a continuous improvement’ said adapting to agile process can unlock greater levels, help them thrive in an era of accelerating change and complexities.

Dike said: “In a world characterised by accelerating clock speed, organisations need to continuously learn to embrace change and execute with purpose.

Another agile expert, Olakunle Adeknle, said agile principle is to satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery.

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